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Change gold weight to your own value and toggle name change to "Septim".

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There exist a handful of mods which alter gold coins, changing the name to Septim, changing the weight to various values, or a combination of the two. This mod is simply meant to serve as a way to customize those a bit. Installing the mod does nothing initially. It's not until the MCM options are altered that the gold coins are changed.

This mod only took about an hour to make (would have been even less, but it's the first mod I've made in... well, awhile...), and it's very light. It shouldn't have any bugs, but if you find any, let me know. The only feature not tested is the uninstall button (but that shouldn't matter anyway: see "Uninstall").

Name: Toggle on to rename "Gold" to "Septim". This does not affect the UI, only the gold coins in-game.
Weight: A slider to go anywhere from 0.00 (the default) up to 1.00. Realistically (as noted in the menu), it should be about 0.06 (or 0.05 if you round).
Uninstall: Immediately reverts the changes made, stops the quest (all MCMs are quest driven), and disables the menu.

Changes happen as soon as the game resumes after closing the MCM. This mod required no updating scripts. It runs one time when you load a game and one time whenever you change something.

In order to uninstall, it's actually perfectly safe to just remove the mod. Name changes and weight changes are reset to their default values when you load a game, so without the mod installed, it will safely revert to "Gold" and weigh nothing. If you want to play on the safe side, click "Uninstall" in the MCM before saving and then remove the mod.

Should be compatible with (that is, will overwrite the changes from) any mod which does not alter gold coin weight or name via a script (which is exceptionally rare). Changes will be overwritten by mods which alter the name of gold coins via a quest alias, but that shouldn't ever happen.