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So, this is my four year old character designed as an example of a badass elf.
He was a Psijic mage, but changed his alignment after having a trouble with elder members ('cause Old Ways suck).
Narandil joined house Redoran after a while, and it was kinda complicated, knowing stubborness of dunmeri, especially Redoran ones, but he managed to earn his place among them.
Narandil is 263 years old altmer warrior. He mostly swings his sword in fights despite of being former Psijic, but if something bad happens, he's not against of using some of his dirty magic tricks.
He's full of sarcasm, loves boobs, mature women and booze; shares some character traits with nords (because being vanilla arrogant high elf is a mainstream, everyone loves badass grandpas).
Nar's a bit overpowered (who am I kidding?) if you play low lever character, especially on "very easy". This is caused by his age and his experience. And well, I mostly play on legendary difficulty just for fun's sake, and it's kinda cool to see my characters being goddamn heroes. Be on his good side, and nothing bad will happen to you.

 "Hey kiddo, wanna hear a story involving this handsome scar of mine? Well, shit happened nearly 200 years ago, when I was young, hot and sexy. Not quite as sexy as I am now, but still sexy. Anyways, I ran into a bit of trouble with a group of Mages Guild jackasses in Anvil. They were probably ... 12 years old? Yeah, so they were all bragging, 'cause they knew quite a lot of pretty shitty spells. As it always happens, those nerds thought they could control elements like godsdamned ayleids. Of course, they were wrong! They summoned something HUGE. I mean really huge. 
Dunno what was is - snake-like dragon probably, doesn't matter, it was made of pure fire! Just imagine, princess, the beast of pure fire: THIS is something worth fighting. So there was me, such a young and handsome mage, standing in front of those assholes and the giant blazing monster. I was scared shitless, but I'm a hero godsdammit, so in the next moment I pulled a greatsword out of nowhere. Honestly ... it was random
guard's greatsword, I kinda stole it. Don't tell your father, you know the drill. 
Yeeeeeeeah, I charged into that creature, screaming something unintelligible. There was a whirlwind of fire, all around, couldn't see shit but blazing hell and pain. Have no idea how long that fight lasted, but it ended with another blow of the sword.
People were screaming and crying in joy, guess they'd never seen a show like this before. But well, in the next moment those jackasses accused ME of losing control of the beast, and the Mages Guild nerds who'd just arrived believed them. Then there were Elders from Artaeum, and I got exiled for saving those people. Ain't no gratitude for the heroes.
Somebody pointed on my face next, saying it's melting like wax, thanks to those assholes and the huge blazing shit, and I nearly fainted, 'cause it hurt a lot. But yeah, that got healed after a while, so no problems here, especially when women love scarred men."
 - a 'bedtime story' for Nar's niece.

As one of my eldest characters, he has a few unique (like, really unique) features:
- His facial textures were made from the scratch as well as his hairdo.
- The armor he wears and the "undergarment" (which includes body mesh, or what's left of it) were also made just for him.
- He has an awesome burn scar.
And not so unique ones:
- He isn't marriable.
- He can do sneaky-deaky stuff for you (you have to give him lockpicks yourself though), but you can't make him kill another character.
- He won't attack enemies on sight, but will fight back and won't flee if engaged in combat. 
- He's a storm mage, this means he uses shock-based spells. He can also use master-level destruction spell called "Lightning Storm".
- He uses sword in close range combat and magic in long range combat.
- He's not gonna help you if you get in trouble without recruiting him.
- He's essential, 90 level and healthy as a bull.
- He also loves bread (as every follower does).
How to find him in game: 
Narandil is located in the Bannered Mare inn in Whiterun.
If he's lost:

Type 'SC_Narandil' in console, you'll see his baseID. Type 'prid xx002300' next, where xx means load order of the mod, and those numbers after - his refID. Type 'moveto player' to move him to your position.
help SC_Narandil
NPC: SC_Narandil (5d0012d2)
prid 5d002300
moveto player

Do not try to spawn him via placeatme, because it doesn't work properly with unique followers.
NMM or extract everything in DATA folder.

if you're playing in russian, then install the russian patch after installing the main archive.
NMM or remove the .esp file and mod's folders.
Known issues: 
He often shouts something about dunmer (his voicetype is dark elf).
Don't try to undress him or change his clothes, just do not. Even gauntlets, even boots. Just do not.
Don't try to change his body, you'll get an awful neck seam (by awful I mean an annoying gap between head and body).
Frequently Asked Questions: 
A: Nope.
Q: Armor avaibility for player?
A: Nope. Later. It isn't finished yet (and by yet I mean female support, weightslider, griffon stuff and more variations)
Q: Body?
A: It probably will never be finished completely, so nope.
Q: His hair?
A: Nope.
Q: Nude patch?
A: Nope.
Q: Make him level with PC?
A: Nope. 
Q: Marriage?
A: Nope, a guy like this cannot be married ever.
Q: Facial textures?
A: You gotta wait a little bit.
Q: Preset/save?
A: Nope.
Q: Custom voice?
A: Only if there's someone who has ability to voice act him pretty well, I'm more than happy to write the character. I was deeply impressed by Peter Serafinowicz's voice acting in DXMD, so I guess he is my reference point. I'd voice him myself, but I'm Nar isn't a girl.
Q: More followers?
A: Nope, this is an exception.
Terms of use: 
- You are not allowed to reupload this mod to other sites without permission;
- Вы должны спросить мое разрешение прежде, чем вы решите загружать этот мод на какой-нибудь тесо-сайт;
- You are not allowed to port this mod to Special Edition;
- You are not allowed to reuse any assets of this mod;
- You should not use his textures, for they were made for his facial features only;
- You don't have to ask me if you want to do something with this mod for private use;
- You can do whatever you want with the .esp file and only with .esp file (translate, reup, whatever), but you are not allowed to do anything with meshes and textures folders of this mod;
If you have questions regarding permission, feel free to ask;
- Blender, and Substance Painter - thanks to bro for SPs' licences;
- MindTex 2 - the best map generator I've ever tried, seriously, never been so satisfied with a purchase.
- Fair Skin Complexion by HHaleyy;
- SkySight Skins by fadingsignal;
- High poly heads by Erik;
- Scarface by Xenius and Gizmodian;
- My younger brother, for he is my another source of HQ textures.
- Thanks to Bioware for the Dragon Age series. The outfit is based off their gray warden armor;
- Huge love hearts to Eidos Montreal for their DX:MD. Their character design inspired me to change Nar's features a lot. His redesign was mostly influenced by Duncan MacReady and Miller's pretty wrinkles.
- Omotya, Rusey, Azeneth, Hiryu-X - testing & feedback.
- Thanks to Rusey for cleaning up Nar's story