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     As of now, there are 2 files. The Installer and the Legacy Edition. The installer contains all music featured in the videos and all backgrounds featured in the images section. All you have to do is download and install. The Legacy Edition, however, isn't really for mainline use. It has all of the files that are in the latest version (Minus the FOMOD files) but they are not NMM compatible, as there was no reason to make them so. It contains a sensible file structure containing everything you will need for a smooth manual install, if that is what you wish to do.

     As a final note, I must give thanks to Akmigone. Not only has his amazing musical talent made this mod possible, but he has also proven more than willing to work with me on past, present, and future mods. Please check the "Links" section below for links to his channel and to all of the artists whose songs are used in this mod. 

And in the words of a failed US presidential candidate, "Please Clap."
Linked Videos Guide :

First video : Interstellar Theme - Akmigone
Second Video : Skyrim Theme - Peter Hollens and Lindsey Stirling
Third Video : Ori and the Blind Forrest - Akmigone
Fourth Video : Beautiful Sad Piano Instrumental Song -  Jurrivh
Fifth Video : Legends of the Frost - Malukah and Miracle of Sound
Sixth Video : Sovngarde Song - Miracle of Sound
Seventh Video : Three Hearts as One - Malukah
Eighth Video : Fantasy Emotional Music - Reveire
Ninth Video : Fear Not This Night - Guild Wars 2
Tenth Video : Rains Of Castamere - The National
Eleventh Video : Rains Of Castamere - Peter Hollens
Twelfth Video : Westworld Theme - HBO

Original Version :

Version 2 :

Version 3 :

Version 4 :

Fifth Video :

Sixth Video :

Seventh Video :

Eighth Video :

Ninth Video :

Tenth Version :

Eleventh Version : 

Twelfth Video :

Links :

Akmigone's Channel

Peter Hollen's Channel

Lindsey Stirling's Channel

Jurrivh's Channel   

Miracle Of Sound's Channel

Malukah's Channel