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Removes most spell tomes from leveled lists, in case you have an alternate method of obtaining them.

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Catchy mod name, what does it do?
All spell tomes, except for the level 100 ones, are removed from leveled lists. This means that they won't show up as loot on corpses, and won't be sold by vendors. Hand-placed spell tomes still exist, except for in the Frostfall patch.

I use this together with Spell Research by IronDusk33, so that researching is my primary way of obtaining new spells. I also play with Requiem, which gives you a few starter spells to base your research on when choosing perks.

How do I install it?
Make sure this mod is placed below any other mods dealing with spell tomes and their leveled lists. This mod only touches pure spell tome lists that vendor/loot tables pull from, so it should be safe to keep it close to the bottom of the load order. No actual spells, spell tomes or npc loot tables are edited.

If you generate a dynamic bashed/smashed patch, either place this mod (and any of its optional files you use) below that, or refer to this cool post by mikegray.

For Apocalypse users
Get the optional file and place it below Apocalypse in your load order. Then select the "Repopulate" option in Apocalypse's MCM menu when in-game, unless you are starting a new playthrough. The latest version of Apocalypse I have tested and found this working for is 9.45, but there is a good chance it'll work for newer versions as well.

For Lost Grimoire users
Get the optional file and place it below Lost Grimoire in your load order. Made for version 1.5. Only recommended for new games, or when introduced to a playthrough at the same time as Lost Grimoire itself. This is because LG has no option to repopulate leveled lists after its initial startup, as far as I'm aware.

If your playthrough already has vendors selling Lost Grimoire spell tomes, you might be able to make the patch work by uninstalling LG, making a clean save, and then reinstalling LG together with the patch. This might leave you with orphan scripts however, and is not recommended unless you are comfortable using a save cleaner tool. I have not tested this method thoroughly myself.

For Frostfall users
Get the optional file and place it below Frostfall in your load order. Made for version 3.4.1 -- This patch is a bit dirty and should probably not be used for any updated version of Frostfall.

The Frostfall patch removes all hand-placed spell tomes, since they require so little effort to obtain. It should also remove tomes from vendors, but this will only happen if the patch is installed for a fresh playthrough. If you use this patch on an existing save, vendors will still offer you the Soothe spell.

For Shadow Spell Package users
Get the optional file and place it below Shadow Spell Package in your load order. Made for version 5.02, but is likely to work for newer versions as well.

This patch will only remove tomes from leveled lists on a new game, or when introduced to an existing save at the same time as Shadow Spell Package itself. The only other way to make it work on an existing save would be to uninstall Shadow Spell Package first, then reinstall it together with the patch. That should only be done if you are comfortable with uninstalling mods containing scripts.

For Forgotten Magic Redone users
Get the optional file and place it below Forgotten Magic Redone in your load order. Made for version 1.6.5, but is likely to work for newer versions as well.

Only spell tomes from two new merchants added by FMR are removed. To remove tomes from loot, set the drop chance to 0 in Forgotten Magic's MCM.

How do I uninstall it?
The edits in this mod are simple, and it is safe to remove by itself. Vendors should resume selling vanilla spell tomes again as soon as their inventory resets, and mages will drop tomes as loot.

For Apocalypse users
Apocalypse tomes should also return, when using its repopulate feature after uninstalling this mod.

For Lost Grimoire users
Lost Grimoire tomes will stay lost (heh), as it sadly doesn't have the above feature as far as I know. You can restore them by reinstalling the mod using a clean save, but know that this might leave orphan scripts in your save, which should be removed with a save cleaner tool.

For Frostfall users
This patch should also be safe to remove, and the hand-placed tomes should appear afterwards. If vendors had their spell tomes removed, however, they might not sell them again without a re-installation of Frostfall.

For Shadow Spell Package users
The patch can be removed, but the tomes will probably still be gone afterwards. Only uninstalling and reinstalling Shadow Spell Package can bring them back at that point.

For Forgotten Magic Redone users
This patch is as safe as can be to remove. The FMR vendors should sell spells again once their inventory resets. Remember to adjust the drop chance in the MCM as well, if you previously set that to 0.

More information!
Vendors might need to restock before all the spells are gone (2 days by default).

Some NPCs might have specific spell tomes directly placed in their inventory, and these are for the most part untouched. There is, however, an optional file to remove a handful of tomes from Lucan in Riverwood (Thanks Khumak). I kept it separate, as those spells might serve as a nice starting point for a new character.

All the main and optional files can safely be merged together.

Let me know if you find any spells I have missed, or any unintended consequences!

IronDusk33 for making spells interesting to obtain.
EnaiSiaion for Apocalypse
steelfeathers for Lost Grimoire
Chesko for Frostfall, which is partly modified in accordance with this license.
TenebKel for Shadow Spell Package
3jiou for Forgotten Magic Redone

Requirements, main file:

Spell Research by IronDusk33 - Lets you research spell archetypes and compose new spells from them yourself.
Apocalypse by EnaiSiaion - Brilliant spell package, and great for expanding the list of possible spells to research.
Lost Grimoire by steelfeathers - Another fantastic spell package, adding even more spells to research.
Frostfall by Chesko - For some cool(!) additional game mechanics that allow for even more unique spells.
Shadow Spell Package by TenebKel - Cool shadow spells! \m/
Forgotten Magic Redone by 3jiou - Customizable spells that can level up as you use them.