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A playable preset of my breton character Agnetha.

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Sooo... this is my first mod here :>, it's Agnetha my lil breton witch, as a playable preset for Racemenu, i hope you guys like it and if i made any errors in the preset feel free to correct me! also keep in mind that english is not my first language :> anyways, enjoy! :D (Yes, i know my textures are low res, i play on a low end pc :c)
update: i fixed her dependencies, so it doesn't longer require my merges instead of the brow mods, and fixed some weird edges on her face.

RaceMenu (duh) 

(The nexts ones are only required if you want her to look exactly as in the pics):
- The Eyes of Beauty
- Main Body Textures
- Fair Skin (Makeup only)
- Better Freckles
- SG Eyebrows
- Ponytail Hairstyles

Not required but still recommended:
Eye Normal Map Fix 
RAN's Headmesh Variants (Type C)
- Facelight
- Better Lightning for Facelight

Possible Issues:
-There's a neckseam that's noticeable from certain angles, i don't know how to fix this so it's gonna stay like that for now. I don't even know if it's related to the preset because all the females in my game have it lmao

-The preset won't save the freckles for some reason, so you'll need to reselect them in the complexion slider (if you want)

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