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From NOT to HOT! Make your High Elves great again, using this semi-real-ish-anime-ish-hybrid RACEMENU preset!

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Raven, the Altmer Ranger

Raven is my second preset that I have posted to the nexus, I would like to thank everyone for their feed back on my previous preset:

Any who... One day I got the crazy Idea to play as a bow wielding mage, furthermore, I thought that a high elf would make a cool mage/ranger hybrid. During all of this thinking I forgot to think about just how ugly the vanilla high elves were! I started new game, clicked on the high elf race, and... GAH! IT LOOKED LIKE A DRIED OUT BANANA RAISIN!!! And thus a whole evening of Red Bull, tweaking slider bars, re-positioning verts, goat (and or virgin) sacrifices, black magic, hitting my CPU with a Hammer, AND... BOOM! Raven was born! Actually I am exaggerating a bit, it was not that hard, but I did spend several hours on this preset. (I think I am funnier than I actually am...) 

This is Raven, she is an Altmer (or High Elf) Ranger. She enjoys reading, killing bandits, killing bunnies, slaying dragons, pointing dramatically to the side (see pictures for reference) and sweet rolls!

1. Download and extract the file in: Skyrim/data/skse/plugins/chargen/presets

2. Install any required mods you might be missing.
Note: It has not been confirmed yet, but you may have issues if you dont install the maximum skelitons race menu sliders plug in.

3. Start up Skyrim, run race menu, set your race to high elf, go to your character presets and select High Elf Ranger.

3. That's it! you are done! Enjoy the Preset!

Required Mods:

If you are missing any of the required mods (excluding RaceMenu, you wont be able to install this mod without it) you will still get the face mesh but you maybe missing textures or hair.

  • RaceMenu (duh):                                 
  • Hair: KS Hairdos - Renewal:                
  • Eyes: Eyes of Aber:                            
  • Freckles: Freckle Mania:                     
  • Body Paint: The Coenaculi:                  
  • War Paint: Ravens Warpaint:              
  • XP32 Maximum Skeleton - XPMS (possibly):

Mods to get her to look exactly like the pictures:

  • Skin: PureSkinTexture: 
  • Lips: Seductive Lips HD:
  • ENB: Tetrachromatic ENB:
  • Body: BodySlide:            

Armor: (because some one is gunna ask): I used the barbarian hero armor, from the immersive armors mod, for the base and a mix of bikini armor pieces for the armor plates. Also look up aMidianBorn to get the HD armor textures.

Recommended Mods:

Face Light:
Helps to show off the face better.

ShowRaceMenu Alternative:
Lets you use RaceMenu mid-game without resetting your stats.


Q: Why do you use Comic Sans? What are you 12?!?!?
A: ........................Shut up!

Q: Will you make a ECE version?
A: No, there are more compatible mods for RaceMenu than ECE and swapping between the two causes problems for my save games.

Q: Why is her body purple and or strange markings on her face?
A: You are missing textures, either install the missing texture mods, or turn off the missing textures in race menu.

Q: My quiver is missing when I use this preset, why is wrong?
A: Nothing, I just turned off quiver viability in race menu, just turn it back on.

Q: Will you make a companion mod for her?
A: I am currently working on making her into a companion. I should have a basic follower version out soon!