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Currently adds 20 new restoration spells. Now the mod also increases all restoration spell's exp gain by 10% so that resto can keep up with your other skills a bit better

NOTE: My focus has shifted to a new mod I have started. Expect more updates but not very often. Any suggestions as to additional features would be great, thank you for your support!

To make the restoration school as fun or more fun than the other schools of magic. This includes new spells, tweaking existing spells, new perks, and much more

Install Info
To Install: Simply use the nexus mod manager or copy the contents of the archive to your
Skyrim/Data folder and check(activate) the mod in your mod manager of choice.

You can buy the tomes from Colette in the College of Winterhold. Each tome is priced based
on other tomes of the corresponding level. (master, expert, ect)

Only added the spelltomes to Colette in the college of Winterhold. If another mod changes vanilla restoration spells, put this after that mod to use this mod’s effects on those spells. Any found conflicts please post so I can put out a warning to other users, Thanks!

Current Spells
NOTE: A spell list is included in the file with much more detail than the one below

  • Kynareth's Grace (Master): a passive healing spell (master) 5 HP/s for 120 sec, will also heal stamina for the same amount if you have the respite perk.
  • Restore Vigor (Apprentice): Restore's the mind and body, increasing exp gain by 10%
  • Channel Energy (Apprentice): Heals a remote target while the caster absorbs a portion of what was healed
  • Instant Regeneration (Expert): Restores 150 HP. Basically a supped up version of close wounds
  • Dynamic Wards (One for each level): Adds wards that absorb all forms of damage. Have no cost to cast but instead take magicka out when the ward is hit by a spell, sword,or arrow.
  • Purity (Apprentice): Cures all diseases and poisons
  • Holy Ground (Expert): An inner blast from the player staggers and deals 30 damage in the area. Deals an additional 15 to undead, deadra, or vampires(if their not undead) The blast leaves a protective ward around the player granting him/her healing and damaging any undead that come within it
  • Righteous Fury (Adept): Increases the player's attack and movement speed by 9% when the players health is below 30%. Has no effect if cast otherwise. Lasts for 30 seconds.
  • Burial Rights (Apprentice): Allows the dead to rest peacefully by absorbing a malignant soul from an undead creature when it dies. The creature automatically dies if it has 13% or less health. This effect must be present when the creature dies. Last 15 Seconds
  • Armor of Talos (Master): Cloaks the caster in a godly armor increasing armor rating by 100 for 10 seconds and Magic Resistance by 80% for 10 seconds. If health drops below 10%, heals 5 x the current health. The caster gets an additional 100 Armor Rating if they have a master armor perk(max agile defender or juggernaught).
  • Mara's Guise (Master): Allows the caster to see briefly into the future at each moment, increasing perception and intuition a great deal granting a 10% exp boost for 1 day.
  • Apothecary's Trick (Novice): Heals the caster 10 HP/s. If the caster has the agile defender perk, restore 10 stamina/s. If the caster has the juggernaught perk, increase armor rating by 10 while being cast
  • Revoke Existence (Master): An unyielding light is emitted absorbing 25% (+5% if Dest. Master) of the casters current health from the target. If the target dies within 15 seconds, it's soul is absorbed.
  • Chastise The Wicked (Novice): A flaming blast of punishment deals damage to any undead or daedra.
  • Harmonize Body (Master): Bring the caster's body closer to it's natural state healing 200 points. Heals more if the caster has low health. Cures all diseases and poisons
  • Ascend (Master): The caster gains godlike abilities including water skipping and a 20% movement speed bonus for 10 minutes
  • Sever The Unjust (Grand Master): Summon the fury of the gods, dealing a massive amount of damage to any target and even more to undead. Very high spell cast cost.

Verison Info
  • V 0.64 - New Spells - Instant Regeneration: Restores 150 HP. Basically a supped up version of
  • close wounds
    - Dynamic Wards (One for each level): Adds wards that absorb all forms of damage.
    No cost to cast but instead use magicka on hit (Work of Winded AKA FalloutGamer,
    his idea and mod)
    - Purity (Apprentice): Cures all diseases and piosons
    - Grace of Kynerith cost increased and casting time introduced + new art
    - Channel energy is now more powerful
    - Dynamic wards now require perk of their level in order to use them(novice, master,
    - Dynamic Master spelltome cost increased(gold)
    - Restoring Stamina with restoration now grants 1% exp when compared to restoring
    - Dynamic Wards now restore stamina if the player has respite
    - Dynamic Wards: Master made weaker than in Winded's version
  • V 0.65 - Dynamic Wards have been fixed and now properly react to spells
  • - Missing Scripts added: just some added files to the package
  • V 0.68 - Added Perk requirement text into all dynamic ward descriptions,
  • no mechanical change was made
    - Certain spells no longer scale when dual casting
    - Instant Regeneration now costs less gold to buy
    - New Spells
    -Holy Ground: An inner blast from the player staggers and deals 15 damage in the
    area. Deals an additional 15 to undead, deadra, or vampires(if their not
    undead) The blast leaves a protective ward around the player granting
    him/her healing and damaging any undead that come within it
    -Righteous Fury: Increases the player's attack speed by 10%. If the player's health
    is below 80% then movement speed is also increased by 10%
  • V 0.72 - Increased the cost to buy the Holy Ground Spell Tome
  • - Decreased the cost to buy the Instant Regeneration Spell Tome
    - Restore Vigor now takes longer to cast and gives more experience
    - Righteous Fury now gives a proper amount of exp, now has a casting time, and costs more to
    - Righteous Fury can no longer stack and the spell tome is now more expensive
    - Dynamic Wards cost more now
    - A spellsheet is included with the download listing each spell and what it does in detail
    - Decreased casting cost of bane of the undead
    - Guardian circle costs less to cast and heals less
    - Dynamic Wards restore 5% less health each
    - Well Rested Perk now lasts 12 hours (from sleeping)
  • V 0.74 - Instant Regeneration now costs more to cast
  • - Grace of Kynareth charge time increased and base mana cost increased
    - Repel Undead spells are now cheaper to cast
    - Circle of protection now repels undead up to level 30
    - Righteous Fury may stack again but can only be cast when the player has 50% or less health
    - New Spell: Burial Rites
    - From now on all spell information will only be in the spell list above or in the one included
    with the download
  • V 0.80 - New Spell: Armor of Talos
  • - Grace of Kynareth can no longer stack and costs more to cast
    - Righteous Fury now costs more to cast, is cheaper to purchase, and now only gives a 8%
    Boost to attack and movement speed
    - Instant Regeneration now costs a good amount more to cast
    - Burial Rites script changes, more effective
    - Vanilla Wards now give 5% more exp
    - Channel energy now cost less to cast and give a bit more exp
    - Holy ground's casting cost has been increased, gives 10% more exp, has an increased casting time, and deals more initial damage.
    - Burial Rites now give 15% more exp
  • V 0.92 - New Spells: Mara's Guise, Apothecary's Trick, Revoke Existence, Chastise The Wicked, Harmonize Body, and Ascend
  • - This new version uses the new dynamic wards which includes a greatly improved script allowing for exp gain from the wards now
    - Dynamic wards may also be dual cast unlike regular ward. Thanks so much Winded!
    - Holy Ground now cost more to cast, description improved
    - Armor of Talos description improved and now provides the armor bonus based on whether or not the player has a master armor perk(max juggernaut or agile defender)
    - Burial Rites description improved
    - A testing area has been added. Get there by: COC xxxtesting
    - Burial Rites not adept, costs more to cast, and improved script
    - Righteous Fury now gives a 9% bonus and dose not stack
    - Random and minor other tweaks
  • V 1.01 - New Spell: Sever The Unjust
  • - Many minor tweaks throughout the many spells
    - Some script changes

madmax2099 - for suggesting the "well rested" version restoration spell
Winded AKA FalloutGamer - For letting me use his dynamic wards in this mod