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Not everyone of us has a good computer... My computer sucks, I have incredibly long loading times. And, as you sure know, there are lots of fantastic load screen replacers out there that can help us potato-owners to decide not to wreck our PCs with our own head.

BUT... My laptop is REALLY slow. And, after 35 seconds, even the best image on the Internet GETS BORING. And that's where this mod comes in.

This mod doesn't simply replace Vanilla loadings with images: it replaces them with a presentation, meaning that after some loading time the image on your screen will be substituted by another. And another. And another. Until the damn game loads.
I hope I explained myself, I'm not an English speaker... For further explanation please see the before/after image in the mod's images section.

The images contained are some wonderful screenshots kindly offered by the following Nexus users:

I offer my most intense gratitude to the people who let me use their screenshot for my mod, making this all possible, and to Bethesda, for having created an immortal series. And, of course, to the Nexus, a family to me.

Permission was granted to use the images featured in the archive; anyone wishing to use them must ask to the owners listed above.
Anyone wishing to use my assets for their mod must ask me before doing it.
This file is a Nexus exclusive; no one can upload it on another site.

Please let me know in the comments if there is any problem with the file


A not safe for work version (aka extremely sexy) can be found here.