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Turns the dirty sock Bethesda calls a fine hat into a classy fedora.

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Have you ever wanted to go all Al Capone on Ulfric?
Feel like the Bard's College needs a touch of Sinatra?
Wish you could dress like Van Helsing?

Me, neither. ;) But with this mod, these dreams and more can come true!

This is my first (and after how long it took to get this working, probably only) mod.
Thanks to my potato of a computer and my n00b modeling/graphics skills, the mesh is low-poly
and the texture is super-basic.

Feel free to tweak this however you want, just make sure to credit me if you re-release it.

Edit: I just realized I only replaced the meshes for the female hat. Also, I realized I forgot to include the textures last time... Fix has been uploaded. 
I also added a mesh so it actually looks like a fedora on the ground and in your inventory.

Manual installation only, 'cuz I have no idea how to set-up an installer. Plus, it's only 4 files.
Just put the nifs in Skyrim\Data\meshes\clothes\fineclothes02
and the textures in
Edit: I tried restructuring the archive, so it should be NMM-compatible now. Let me know if it isn't.

Uninstalling should be as simple as deleting the files.

This'll probably be incompatible with anything that touches the fine hat, but I'm sure someone
with a bit more CK know-how than me could make this stand-alone in no time.

If you run into problems, I'll do what I can to help, but the rest of the community will likely
be a bigger help.