Manticore Gear - The Witcher 3 by jrc0011 and Hovihar
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Damn hotfile already! It's really awesome to see that so many people like the armour. Cheers guys.

This is a port of the Manticore gear from the Witcher 3: Blood and Wine DLC, that being said the armour is Male only. The armour is craftable at the forge if you have a crafting level of 85 and a light armour skill of 86, they won't show up otherwise. The swords are included and were created by me from scratch (except for the cross guards, they're ported) - there are one-handed and two-handed version available, plus the left meshes for use with Dual Sheath Redux... as always. The stats of the gear a bit higher than the ebony gear, so somewhere between ebony and daedric. Of course the items are all temperable as well. Also there are two versions of the armour (the stats are the same), one has only one belt - instead of two. There is also a black retexture available for download.

Now of course the person who gets most of the credit for bringing this armour to Skyrim is Hovihar. He ported the armour over from the Witcher 3 into Skyrim and I made some texture edits and created the swords. So be sure to give him the recognition he most certainly deserves. Also, if you're interested in more Witcher mods for Skyrim, be sure to track him - he's got a lot in the works. Which I'm very much looking forward to.

If you have my Witcher Sword Pack installed, please note you will have double of the Manticore swords in the crafting menu.


This particular mod may not be redistributed without Hovihar's or my permission first.


Thanks to Hodilton, Sinitar Gaming and Jindo for the awesome videos. Appreciate it - as does Hovihar, I'm sure.

Pierre (aka Hovihar) of course, for porting the armour over.
All credit goes to Humus for creating the original Cubemaps included in this pack and credit also goes to billyro for converting them into dds. format.
...and of course a massive thanks to CD Projekt Red - the creators of the Witcher 3 - for allowing us to use their assets in mods. They're an incredibly talented group of devs that make fantastic games.


Creation Kit

Cheers guys, enjoy.