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Added: 08/02/2012 - 01:47AM
Updated: 04/03/2012 - 10:03PM

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This was made in the Creation Kit...albeit about 2 hours after I got a hold of it!


Here is a little shack i've added to Whiterun. I'ts located just behind 'The Drunken Huntsman' as you enter Whiterun city.

The point of this added shack is a little place to call your own at the beginning of the game, no keys or picking required
to enter this shack. It is a cosey place, with a little space for your belongings and a side cabinet to store your items.

It also includes an axe for your beginner wood chopping chores! And a bunch of garlic you can collect to add to your ingrediants,
or keep away those pesky Vampires!

As always, no home is complete without a bed, no more waiting around or paying to sleep! Save your coin at the beginning of
the game for things that you crave!


I have also added a 'containers' version. This is something im working on in conjuction with other mods and is an idea originally from
"newfy69" for my shack.

This is the Whiterun Shack I originally made, only this time it comes with labelled containers for all your OCD organising needs! Check
screenshots for an idea of what this looks like. I will update this until both myself and newfy69 are happy it is complete.


V1.2 - Updated 09/02/2012

* Fixed the floating light orbs above the shack when inside the shack looking up, and outside the shack looking up
(thanks to'interim' for spotting this one)

* Changed the lighting effect on the candle lit lamp outside to correctly display a waving candle light effect



* Added a candle filled lamp outside shack and matched lighting

* A couple of plants/ingredients around the front door of the shack have been added
for visuals and ingredient collection

* Adjusted the dust particles inside the shack to a more natural white instead of
the red tinted dust in v1.0

* Included views from inside the shack of Dragon Reach and the Whiterun Tree, visible
through the roof slat gaps. Added lighting to support these also.


v1.0 - Initial Release


I hope this helps some beginners out, or even those starting over.

Suggestions welcome!


Please don't modify or copy this mod without asking me permission first



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