Ring Summon Faithful Gear Knight by rireki
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Added: 25/12/2016 - 04:55AM
Updated: 23/09/2017 - 01:53PM

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Last updated at 13:53, 23 Sep 2017 Uploaded at 4:55, 25 Dec 2016

This mod adds a spell that summons a powerful dwarven automaton to your or followers and adds rings to the treasure chests of the Dwemer ruins of various places.

To get a ring, start with a new game or let me respawn the contents of Chest.

The names of the three rings are the same, but the value depends on the engraved spell.

Since this mod has made changes to Chest of the Dwemer ruins, it conflicts with mod which makes changes in the same place.

Since the Leveled List has been modified, we recommend that you use Wrye Bash to create a bashed patch.



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Special Thanks
 sedna 1795.
translator Atrus.
Technical Advisor by rurotan 2032

Updated: 10/09/2017

Add a new automaton together.
You can also get a ring engraved with spells that call this automaton from the treasure chest of the Dwemer ruins.
Added new weapons and armor.
It can be obtained from treasure chest of Dwemer ruins and enemies added with this mod.
I changed the method of adjusting the knight's body shape with the skeleton.
Updated many meshes.
Adjust the attack power of the weapon. (Mainly weakening)
Adjust the knight's physical strength and stamina. (Mainly weakening)
Adopt LeveledSpell as the magic used by knights. Use magic of power according to player's level (both enemies and ally).


Updated: 08/08/2017

Added traditional Chinese translation 1.6 version by translator 

Updated: 25/07/2017

Two new weapons were added.
Added a centaur-type automaton that can be mounted.
You can also get rings engraved with spells that call this automaton from treasure chests of the Dwemer ruins.

Updated: 15/07/2017

Added traditional Chinese translation 1.5.1 version by translator 

Updated: 03/07/2017

This update is a modification of the following points taught in the bug report.
Because I do not think the problem or cause a CTD, those who do not mind, please use as it is the 1.5 version.
AA 00 Fidelitygearknight Azrael BOSS [NPC -: 260 DF 4 D 4]NPC_ \ Perks \ PRKR - Perk \ Perk -> Found a NULL reference, expected: PERK


Updated: 02/07/2017

When updating to this version please do a new game or clean save.
Since the Leveled List has been modified, we recommend that you use Wrye Bash to create a bashed patch.

In this update, the armor category has been changed from head and body suits to head, torso, left arm, right arm, lower body.
These items can not be produced, they will all beat them by defeating the Chest of the Dwemer ruins and enemies added with this mod.Those weapons and armor can be strengthened at the forge.I need Dwarven Smithing.

A new knight to equip these added equipment is Mzulft Dwarven Storeroom.

Equipment to be added basically assumes a combination within this mod.Some appearance interferes depending on the equipment, there are things that can not be equipped at the same time.

Equipment added with this mod is not suitable for first person play.Newly added weapons are not suitable for dual sword play.

We removed and organized Perk from strongly enemies and ally knights.