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A stronger amulet of talos

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The amulet is a rework of the amulet of Talos to have 1000% shout timer reduction so that it makes it instant, yes I'm aware that is overpowered it is meant to be. This Item can be found on the counter in the Riverwood trader. It may or may not be considered stolen but there is a command you can use to fix this. I'm thinking about taking this to Skyrim Special edition and if I do I may fix it on this version of its tagged as stolen.

This is my first mod, simply put out here as something to give to the community that i spent a little bit of time on to get used to the creation kit. More little mods will be coming out from me over time and i may even play with a little modeling so i can replace it so its a bit more original and not half assed. So keep an eye out for smaller interesting changes to some base items and maybe even a few spells in the future most likely sometime soon.