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The mod add a new follower. He is a Dragon.

Satarys is a absolutely useless follower into any caves! So, do not try to drive him into the rooms or caves. If do it he will come, but starts a lot of bugs with Sataric animations!
He just only for outside adventures. Do not use him as like a horse-rider!

DLC Dragonborn
DLC Dawnguard

Danger Dragons (my mod)
More Dramatic Alduin (you can see a textures in screenshots, but my mod don't have that textures)

Location: Talos Statue in Whiterun

Carry weight: 2000

Flying: Yes
When he flying, he can't to landing by himself. If you want to landing him, just ask him to "Stand over there", he will landing and call him "Follow me"
Also use a Spell-book in his inventory to call him.

Ussualy I don't need to landing him. I do what I need and I don't care where he fly. I know if I'll be under attack Satarys will come to help me wherever I going.
Besides, He is a Dragon, not a dog to be near you. He fly where he want.

If you will have a poblem with AFT horse riding, AFT - Actions - Return a horse.

In his inventory you can find a spell-book to call a Satarys to you

Attack: in the air and on the land. Flying tank.

  • added a two variants of Satarys - normal and without a Doom Rain
  • fixed his base carry weight, now he realy can to carry 5 000 kg
  • now he stay where are you will leave him in any location
  • you can tell him "Wait here" and he will landing

From author:
Playing Skyrim I always dreamed to have a Dragon friend. Not calling for a time. The real Dragon friend to speak with him and to give him my baggage. Because I'm a Dragonborn and all dragons is my brothers. And now I create this friend. 
I hope you will be a good friend for my Sataric!

Nice playing!

A special thanks to Veter75n for a help in creation of this mod

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