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Added: 07/02/2012 - 11:55PM
Updated: 27/03/2012 - 03:44PM

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Cavern Pitfalls 0.09

Hello all I made this because I found it odd that there where all these amazing caves with open skylights some of them huge, but when going out to find them there is nothing there! For me it was sort of an immersion breaker. So now that the ck is out I can go about fixing that! :)

This is very much a WIP so far just have a few caverns done. You can find the first just south of Ivarstead at Honeystrand Cave. As for the new ones.....well you will just have to discover them for yourself. ;) My plan is to do this with all the caves/ruins that have large enough roof openings that you could fall in. Some will be obvious whilst others could catch you off guard.

Version History
0.01- Initial release
0.02- Added one more location
0.03- Added a new location, fixed graphical error that I found that was made by Bethesda
0.04- Added a new location
0.05- Added two more locations
0.06- Added location with major changes.
0.07- Added a new location (Try not to Snap your leg)
0.08- Added a new location
0.09- Fixed a graphics error (sorry, my bad)

Known Issues
Seems there is a graphical bug with some static objects added with the ck. They at times fell to render properly or not at all. I am unsure if this is a glitch with the ck or game. But hopefully it will be fixed in a patch. For the time being if you encounter this issue please save your game where you are located, and then restart the game. This should reset the added static objects so that they render properly.

Installation Requirements
Official Skyrim patch 1.4 or greater.

Drop the Cavern Pitfall.esp into your Data folder.
Activate the mod using whatever management tool suits you.