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DISCLAIMER:  My presets generally feature very humanoid-looking Mer, as I generally headcanon that my PCs are of mixed heritage. If that isn't your bag - don't download :)


Blood for gold. 

It had seemed the natural thing to do for someone of her abilities. The art of letting an arrow fly had always come easily - never mind that she hadn't been born amongst the trees of Valenwood - and as old Gosten had always said as he dragged their mercenary band around Cyrodiil - 'If you're good at something, never do it for free'. 

Still, opportunity waxed and waned as it ever did - and Nesta had grown itchy feet. She had never found that mysterious something that turned a house into a home; had yet to look upon a horizon and know the land was part of her soul. The soil of the Empire didn't call her name. 

Then came an opportunity that she couldn't refuse: war.

The Empire and Skyrim's stalwart Stormcloaks, locked in the jaws of a rebellion that could flourish or die by the edge of a single extra sword. The need for extra hands was great on both sides, and any war-torn country had its homesteads that would need protection. The chance to travel again, to see new faces and attempt to ease the loneliness that gnawed at her was one that she would never turn down.

Nesta had never been afraid of the cold.


Mods Required: 

'Racemenu' by Expired6978
'UNP Blessed Body' by xp32
'Ran's Type-D HEadmesh' by RAN46
'Kai's Makeup for Skyrim' by XarathosHawke
'Brows' by Hvergelmir
'Frecklemania' by Tetrodoxin
'Eye Normalmap Fix' by MrDave
'Better Makeup for SKSE' by Diethardt (Softer edition)
'KS Hairdos - Renewal' by Kalilies, Stealthic Khaos and Shocky
'Pride of Valhalla' by dracofish
'Women of Skyrim' Body Normalmaps by Zzjay (Unless you like 'em muscly, in which case stick with Pride of Valhalla's Normal)
The eyes are a custom colour based on the textures of LiEyes by LithiumFlower

Other mods used in screenshots:

'West Wind Combat Series: Assault Armor' by Brokefoot
'Brokefoot's UNP Mashup Compilation' by Brokefoot with the UNPB Conversion by MrTroubleMaker
'Immersive Jewellery' by Forteverum
'TheHag's 'Privat Tattoos'
'Scarves of Skyrim: Lind's Version' by Lind001
'Seasons of Skyrim ENB: True HDR' (Dynamic Bokeh DoF) by Bronze316

To install:
1)  Put the jslot file of your desired preset into Skyrim/Data/SKSE/Chargen/Presets
2) Put the .nif and .dds files into Skyrim/Data/SKSA/Chargen
Then, in the character creator:
1) Select the 'Presets' tab
2) Press F9 to load a preset
3) Choose your preset
4) If for any reason the face looks wrong, go to the 'Sculpt Tab'. Select F9 to load a preset and choose the name of your chosen preset. That should fix all issues :)

**~  Enjoy!  ~**


You may not create a follower of these presets without my permission. Not to be uploaded to any paid mod sites.