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Overknee's Beautiful Follower "Rai" is now a Playable Character.

Permissions and credits
Little update Inovella kindly fixed the color missmatch of the face and body its uploaded in the optional section

Ever wanted to make beautiful characters in Skyrim? Found a preset for
ECE/Racemenu that you like? Download tons of stuff and cosmetic
requirements just to load the preset you liked? --- Well not anymore!!! "Rai" by the awesome "Overknee" is just one of the follower made into a playable character mods in the series.

"Rai" will have her own race. She will not conflict with texture/meshes mods
that modify npcs or player characters. For example character preset mods
require you to download a lot of cosmetic prerequisites then it uses
nord race that means all npc that are using nord races will share the
body and texture you download. TLDR: own meshes/textures playable

Hahahaha recorded my voice separately fraps FU for messing with voice!

If you want to customize which body she uses or which texture she uses, replace the files in this path

-- Overknee's Followers are all created using ECE-Enhanced Character Edit
Because of that here are the limitations of this mod

-- You will not be able to change the face details (head shape, hair style,
hair color, eye color, mostly anything from the neck to the head)
changing the ears is fine.

You cannot change skin color but you can still add body paints/body tattoos/finger coloring/etc, just not the skin tone
-- You cannot change the character weight slider or there will be neck seams,
if you want to use a different body replace the body mesh with the
weight you have set.

This will all be possible if the follower mod was created using Racemenu
(All follower to player mods that use racemenu will 100% be customizable
from the ground up)

Overknee's Awesome Rai Follower - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/70362/?

Place everything on Skyrim/Data (Folder), backup "Overknee_Rai.esp" or just replace it straight away.

Not compatible with "Nadia Playable Character" only the esp but the follower is fine. If you want to play as Nadia, Rai's player version esp should be disabled, if you want to be Rai, Nadia's character version esp should be disabled. ECE limitation again sorry.

Press Console (`) type "help raichest 4" (without quotes)
type player.placeatme "code rai's chest" (without quotes)
take the items then open console click the chest type disable.

Q and A
Q: Will you do "X(Follower)" and make them playable?
A: Yes, I do take requests but at the moment I'm going to put out some others that are almost ready.

Q: Why does my face/skin color/warpaint/face makeup reverts back when I load the game?
A: One of the limitations mentioned above. ECE - base character that's it,
only bellow the neck is editable/customizable/changeable(skin color
must not be changed). Racemenu followers won't get this limitation when
converted to player versions.

Q: Her face is blank or is using default nord?
A: Install original follower first then replace the esp with mine, if its
still like that set gender to male select nord then switch to female
then switch to Nadia Race again.

Q: I saw you on the site that shall never be named
A: Then you know who I am then :P

No NPC or follower has been harmed during the creation of this mod, No I
swear, I didn't opened her up and check how her intestines work.