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Please don't forget to Endorse and Vote for my file and recommend it to others, if Caesia has given you joy :)

Alright folks, I have fixed her "too frequent" idle dialogue issue and will release an update with her unique clothes and new lines. The update will reveal more about her past and give you more information to Shezarrine: The Fate Of Tamriel's lore.

How to make her EFF compatible: load her below EFF, then fix her via MCM.

How to make her AFT compatible: load her before AFT, recruit her, then use Tweak Make Follower on her; if Tweak Options doesn't appear, dismiss her then recruit her again.

Caesia is a mage. I made her face, wrote her own story and dialogues, and this mod has about 550 lines of dialogues (excluding player dialogues).

She appears as a mysterious person. As time goes on and your friendship progresses, you may discover more about her - for now, I shall be silent about her background, as it awaits you to find out.

She has a disposition system certain dialogue options might incline her to like you more (or less), and it is absolutely crucial if you want to romance her; yes, you can romance Caesia, regardless of your character's sex, race and appearance.

I don't want to spoil too much about her story - best left for you guys to figure it out.

This mod can be seen as an immensely simplified version of another mod I'm currently working on (which, I desperate need level designers and modelers; I'd even pay one if I have the money). Caesia herself, however, is mutually exclusive with that mod, though theoretically they can be installed and used together, their stories are incompatible.

As a matter of fact, Caesia is something that I made purely for fun, which purpose was to ease the stress that I've built up when I tirelessly and continuously worked on the big mod aforementioned.

Nonetheless, I hope you would enjoy my creation, thanks. :)

Give a holler and you absolutely will be permitted to translate this mod, unless someone else is already doing it.
Please remember to send the translated file to me so I can upload it here (translator will be credited).

Nothing, unless you're not playing Skyrim


Q0: When will you update your Fallout 4 dialogue overhaul mod?
A0: When I begin working on the Fallout 4 quest mod that I've been planning; until then, I have neither intention nor motivation to play Fallout 4, hence, I am in no position to update it.

Q1: Where is Caesia?
A1: That inn in Morthal. The ones in Whiterun and Riverwood are what, overpopulated. It's the best if she's put into an inn that has no use for a front door.

Q2: Can I marry Caesia?
A2: I can't make this decision for her. I'm just her creator. lmao

Q3: What is Caesia's body type?
A3: She'll use whichever body type you're using, including vanilla body. Ultimately, most people would simply replace downloaded follower mods' body types with their own thanks to compatibility problems, so I figured it'd be more efficient if I help you skip this step.

Q3: Will you expand Caesia's dialogues in the future?
A3: Yes, though through another way. Remember the big mod I mentioned?

Q4: Will Caesia's dialogues support the DLCs?

Q5: I suggest that...

Q6: Why?

Q7: You're the type of mod author that would watch the world burn!!!!1!!11!!!!! :(((((((((

Q8: Okay. Will you fix any bug if I find any?

On a serious note, I'm not receiving suggestions for this mod because I don't intend to put too much time and effort in it. It's just something I did for fun, and my real focus is the epic mod that I mentioned.

However, I definitely welcome any form and sort of feedback; as a matter of fact, I love it when people give productive feedback (specifically point out the good and bad things I've done) instead of simple compliments or blind hate comments.

People who have participated in Caesia's creation:
Shannon Hobby - voice acting and voice file naming
Miroslav Yegorov - everything else

Thank you, Shannon, for all you've done for Caesia, and for me. No matter how successful this mod will be, I will always remember the effort and time you've given. I look forward to continue working with you in the upcoming future, if possible.

Resource used:
The modified head mesh and texture from The Ordinary Women (origin: SG Female Textures Renewal)
Nif Merge
KS Hairdos Renewal
Creation Kit
Game of Thrones (in mod references)

Special thanks:
The Illuminati
Aldmeri Dominion