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Inspired by the eluvians in the Dragon Age universe, Liminal Bridges is a different take on the traditional teleportation and portal mods.

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Liminal Bridges - A portal mod
**Requires Skyrim and Dawnguard**
Inspired by the eluvians in the Dragon Age universe, Liminal Bridges is a different take on the traditional teleportation and portal mods.

Update 1: Latest version is v1.01. See below for details.
Update 2: Now offering color variations! See below for details.

What does it do exactly?

This mod adds three spells to the game. The first two spells are tied to two different portals that allow teleportation between them. The third spell banishes both portals. That's good man, that's REAL good.

but is it *gasp*
lore friendly?

Well our immersion scientists have crunched the numbers and even they say it is a photo finish (future plans will add a quest and expand the mod, but the simple v1 that is currently available straddles the line between lore-friendly and not).

How do I install?

Go to the download page and click the handy "download with NMM" button. Failing that, the esp goes in the Data folder, and the other files go in their respective sub-structures in the Data folder (meshes files in the meshes folder, textures in the textures folder, ect.)

I've installed, now what?

This is version 1 (and of my first mod at that), so as of yet there is no quest. After installation, there will be a chest in Dragonsreach in Farengar's room on the floor. This chest contains a journal that contains the knowledge of the spells.
This is no ordinary spellbook however! This is a real journal with actual information contained within, and it might take you a few seconds to comprehend the knowledge contained within.
Once you have all the spells, use is easy! The first portal spell places the first portal, the second spell places the second portal, and the third spell 
banishes both portals.
These portals should have no limit as to their placement or teleportation distance (during my tests I went from Riverwood to the Radiant Raiment without problem).

Will you be porting this to SSE?
Most likely yes. It's a very simple mod, so if you're itching to try it out before I offically port it, feel free.
*EDIT* it is done! Now enjoy in the Special Edition here

Will you be porting this to the consoles?

I'm not adverse to this, but I haven't looked into how much extra work it would be. Again, it's a simple mod and as such it shouldn't be a problem. However, I'm also not promising anything right away.

I use the portals and I am turned to face the portal on the other end, what gives?
Intended feature.

Sometimes the portal's shiny and sometimes it isn't?
It's a lighting feature. The background texture is just silver color; if you place the portal in the light it will look shiny, and it will look opaque and dark
in shadowy conditions.

Help, I can't see the portal from one side!
This is how the object and textures came to me originally, and I personally like the idea of a portal that doesn't appear to be there on the other side.

I can't run through the portal.
I know. It has collision; it's a solid object on both sides.

Can you do a recolor of the portals?
This will be by request if people are interested. I like the base silver, but simple recolors would take all of 10 minutes. You could even do it yourself if you are dying for a recolor right now.
See below under "Update 2".

I really want to play as Flemeth now. Can you tell me how to make her?
I'm planning on releasing a Racemenu preset in the next few days (most likely after I finish finals).

Can I do x,y,z with your mod?

I am flattered you're asking! While stealing my work is obviously not permitted, if you wish to use this in something else, just get in contact with me.
*DISCLAIMER: You may NOT use this mod or any other of my future/past mods for personal gain. This is including but not limited to selling my mod on this or any other site (with or without further modification by you) or including my mod in a work you wish to sell.*
Update 1
The newest version of the mod is v1.01! This brings a minor bug fix. The issue arose when a NPC utilized one of the doors. The way the scripts are written, this caused the PLAYER to teleport. This was not intended, and this update has fixed this. NPC's still will not teleport through the portals themselves (in the future maybe, but it might cause problems depending on where they're placed). This IS safe to run and update on a existing save. It's just a script change, and nothing radical at that. I tested it out on an existing save.


  1. Install the main file (v1); yes you DO still need the main file
  2. Install the update file either manually or with a mod manager (v1.01); overwrite when asked

Update 2

Now offering color variations! You will now find the color variations under the "optional files" portion of the "files" section. The current color variations are (pictures of the variants are now in the "pictures" section):
  1. Black
  2. Blue
  3. Purple
  4. Red


  1. Install the main file (v1); yes you DO still need the main file
  2. Install the color variant of your choice either manually or with a mod manager; overwrite when asked

It does not matter whether you install update 1.01 first (after the main file) or the color variant first (after the main file). They are independent, affect different parts of the mod, and do not conflict.

Special thanks to:
ALL OF YOU! For trying out my mod and leaving nice comments/endorsing (please?).
Wolverdude for his resource Readable Spell Tomes ( which is at least in part responsible for the readable journal.
sagittarius22's Summonable Ethereal Chest (; I mucked around in the guts of the mod's scripts to get the portals working and I learned some valuable things there.
atducey's Portal - Dynamically Placed Teleportation ( for the original idea of portal pairs.

And thanks to the following people for making my screenshots *Immersive* and *Imprefvicticious*:
lokel's standalone eyes ( for Flemeth's eyes.
Maevan2's eye brows ( for Flemeth's eyebrows.
Kai's Makeup for Skyrim by XarathosHawke ( for Flemeth's eyeshadow and lipstick.
Calyps's Open Dragon Priest Masks ( for the awesome new mask meshes.
Nightshade's Equippable Horns (
Last but certainly not least is the author of Dragon Age II Flemeth Armor (EDIT: someone informed me on the Reddit page for my Flemeth preset mod that the armor is a port. I'm removing direct links from all my mod pages. If you want it, search for it yourself; the UNPB version is the one I linked to that was potentially ported).