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Added: 08/12/2016 - 05:18AM
Updated: 27/04/2017 - 11:19PM

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Last updated at 23:19, 27 Apr 2017 Uploaded at 5:18, 8 Dec 2016

Better Console expands the console to full screen, increases the size of the viewable history, adds new key options, allows you to set your own aliases for commands you frequently use, and doesn't add repeats of the same command to the command history, adds commands to clear the console and to search the viewable history.

I highly recommend you use this with Mfg Console by kapaer:

Using this and Mfg Console together gives you the features of both mods but the console will only expand to full screen when you have the ExtraInfoWindow toggled off. (You can easily toggle it on and off using Tab to switch views as needed.)


clear - clears the visible console history
?TERM - search up through the history for TERM
/TERM - starting at the top, search down through the history for TERM
? - repeat the last search up
/ - repeate the last search down


PgUp - scrolls up one screenful (just like the original)
PgDn - scrolls down one screenful (just like the original)
Shift + PgUp - scrolls up 5 screenfuls
Shift + PgDn - scrolls down 5 screenfuls
Home - scrolls to the top of the history list
End - scrolls to the bottom of the history list
Shift + Home - scroll up to the next line matching the current search
Shift + End - scroll down to the next line matching the current search


You can type the word "help" by itself to see the list of aliases. If you want the old behavior of help you can add a space before or after the word help or add any of the other options help expects.

When you type a command into the console the first word of that command will be compared to the list of aliases. If there's a match that word will be replaced by the result of that alias. For example the sample file has the alias "firewood=player.additem 6f993" so if you enter the console command "firewood 8" you will add 8 pieces of firewood to your inventory.

To set your own aliases simply rename the console_example.cfg file included here to console.cfg and edit it with any text editor. (It isn't simply named console.cfg so that if you use a mod manager it won't think something is wrong and overwrite changes you make.) If you're using Mfg Console aliases you can just keep using its console_aliases.txt file.