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Skyrim is a windy place but there is no signs of any strong winds in Skyrim. This mod will fix that.

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Skyrim is a windy place but there is no signs of any strong winds in Skyrim except for the blowing wind sounds that occurs at times.

Skyrim Is Windy is a mod made from scratch that will improve your immersion in Skyrim by making flora such as plants, grass, bushes and trees to animate and react to winds.
It covers every asset for every DLC. Including trees/plants/grass and bushes on Solstheim island.

  • Takes no performance
  • Covers all assets for every DLC
  • Compatible with major mods like Skyrim flora overhaul or weather mods like true storms
  • Completely script free
  • Possible to merge with bashed patch
  • Compatible with every grass mod

Skyrim Flora overhaul - Compatible
Blowing in the Wind - Compatible
Weather mods - Compatible

Well most mods is compatible except for ingredient mods, just let my mod load after Skyrim flora overhaul or on the bottom.

Not compatible with:

  • Windy Skyrim - This mod already do what that mod does and more! Only use that mod if you don't have all the DLCs
  • Most ingredient mods

Savegame compatible and clean:
The mod is savegame compatible and is also safe to uninstall.
This mod is completely script free.

Activate with your mod manager
Load it on bottom, if you have skyrim flora overhaul, load after that mod.

This mod is made by Gorgulla and is ONLY allowed to be uploaded by Gorgulla on either Nexusmods or Bethesda.
If you find it elsewhere, IT'S STOLEN.
You are not allowed to change my mod and upload it as your own.