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Allows you to hack Dwemer constructs and remove their control gem to destroy them.

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This simple mod allows you to sneak up on Dwemer constructs and "hack" into them using your lockpicking skill and lockpicks. Once you've opened the control box, you can remove the soul gem inside to destroy the construct.

Note: If the construct you are sneaking up on is from a mod, the "Hack Construct" text may not appear. However, the construct should still be hackable. Simply move within range and tap the activate button, just as you would do if the text did appear.

Compatible with just about everything. To uninstall, simply delete the files. Load before any mods that modify dwemer construct races. It will still work, you just may lose the "Hack Construct" label. As in the case of a mod-added dwemer construct, simply activate it as if you were pickpocketing it.