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Adds a Bag of Holding to Skyrim.

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Name: Bag of Holding
Author: JustinOther
Version 1.66 Beta (make sure to grab the autostash hotfix if you have SKSE)
Requirements: Skyrim v1.6.87.0+. 16:9 or 16:10 aspect ratio (menus will spill over if 4:3)
Recommended: SKSE at: SKSE v1.5.9+. SKSE is NOT required, but some options and functionality will not be available in its absence. Also, I'd recommend setting Skyrim\Data\SKSE\SKSE.ini's...

EnableContainerCategorization=1 enable container categorization so the bag (and other containers) will behave like NPCs and show their contents in a more organized fashion.
Description: Adds a Bag of Holding to Skyrim much like Quarn's mod for Oblivion but with a nifty blue glow and sorting functionality allowing one to quickly take/stash item categories en masse. Favorite the Bag of Holding apparel item, hotkey it, equip it, then leave the menu to access/sort your stash. There is no limit to how much you can shove in there and it will always remain weightless as its contents are ...elsweyr.
Installation: If you had tried a beta update from the Nexus, please delete Data\Scripts\Source\BagOfHolding*Script.PSC and Data\Scripts\BagOfHolding*Script.PEX
Obtaining the bag: When first loading Bag of Holding, you'll be offered the bag immediately or as a quest reward. If starting a new game, however, you'll not be offered the choice until unbound AND you've saved/reloaded. There are options specifically for users of previous versions and updating should be seamless (items will remain in bag if kept/be returned if retroactively seeking as a quest reward). If you have already completed the associated quest, you'll just be given the bag.
Summon Spell: If you've acquired the bag and drop it, you'll be given a spell to summon the bag from wherever it is. This is not so much for convenience, but for the peace of mind that it cannot be lost between two rocks or roll down a hill to Oblivion.
Menu: There are several ways to access the menu. You can crouch, then activate the bag, you can take a sorting item out of the bag and select "Back", or you can put the bag inside itself from within your inventory menu.
Sorting: All item categories are now sortable en masse to and from the Bag of Holding. To sort en masse, either take the desired [Item Type Here] item from the bag or navigate to the desired category from the bag's menu. Applilcable ptions to take or stash will be presented. The sorting items are tied to the menu, so taking them from the bag and using the buttons will actually run the same code. Some categories have sub-categories such that items can more selectively be sorted. If moving a lot of items, you may need to exit the container menu and return to it for the move to be evident. Weapons and apparel are also sortable and items equipped by the Player will be temporarily dropped that they'll be excluded from the move if stashing, then be re-equipped so "Apparel" > "Stash All' won't leave you naked.
1) Access: By default, equipping the apparel item will open the bag if the player is standing and open the menu if they're crouching. This can be toggled or set to both open the bag and the menu according to one's preference.
2) Disallow access in combat: This is off by default, but can be turned on in the menu.
3) There's now an option to forfeit the bag if you've already got it in favor of getting it as a quest reward if applicable.
4) Sorting items can be enabled/disabled given some may find it preferable to use the menu. The menu and items aren't mutually exclusive.
SKSE Specific Stuff: This stuff will only work if SKSE is installed
1) Bag value: The inventory item's value will approximate the cumulative value of the Bag of Holding's contents. Enchanted items may not be appraised accurately.
2) Autostash: If holding 'B' when taking an item, it will automatically be moved to the Bag of Holding. The key is rebindable from within the options submenu.
3) The summon spell's name will indicate the bag's location.
Thanks: Beth for the Game and Creation Kit. The SKSE Team for Skyrim Script Extender. All the users of the mod for their helpful feedback.

Thread @ Bethsoft:

Emergency access to container, just in case.

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