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My mod is inspired by one of my favorite games, Dishonored, it adds my own versions of Blink, Gaze, Bend Time, Pull, and Transversal (Coming Soon). I also added custom powers like Slip and Regenerate. These powers are very unique in every way, all effects combined to give the feel of dishonored, yet keep you immersed into skyrim. I recommend having your max magicka at 500 by pressing ` and typing: player.setav magicka 500.

How to get?

For now, the only way to get these powers simply go into the console ` and type: player.addspell "spell id".

IDs for Powers

Blink: "1e000d6a"
Gaze: "1d002f9a"
Bend Time: "1b000d62"
Pull: "20000d63"
Slip: "1f000d62"
Regenerate: "1c000d62"

Power Description

 Move rapidly across a distance unseen, short teleport.

Can see living beings through walls and shows the path to your current goal.

Bend Time
Bend the flow of time to your will, allowing enhanced reflexes.

 Reach and hold your enemy over your head, either throw them away or kill them midair.

Transcend the physical plane, slip away from reality leaving enemies shocked and confused while toying with immortality.

Treat your wounds, recover from battle swiftly.

Future Plans

Mark of the Outsider (Coming Soon!)
Transversal (Coming Soon!)
Talking with the author of Gifts of the Outsider,
Madrilous, about incorporating my powers into his quest.

Power Suggestions

If you, the community have ANY suggestions on custom Dishonored based powers in this game, let me know and I can try it out.


Hope you enjoy, and this is purely in praise for Dishonored, showing my love for it.