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Hi all!

Playing Skyrim, I'm tired of kill a dragons like empty space. Flew, a couple of kicks at the dragon and he died. - nothing interesting.

Skyrim Legendary Edition 1.9 or higher
DLC Dragonborn
DLC Dawnguard

 Betehesda made a dragons are very weak. This simple mod increase a time of battle with dragons making a fight is a most harder.
The mod have a two variants of files: Normal and Hard.
 Normal for a normal playing.
 Hard for a strong cool players, who want a real hard battle with dragons

What unique:
This mod don't require from you any side mods. Only Main esm + 2 DLC


A Dragon is a simbol of Skyrim.The ancient powerful creature. Fear the dragons! You will remember the each battle. Test you power and honnor!

So, to kill a Dragon is very simple task in the Game, isn't it? Why?! A Dragon is a Boss-rang creature! With this mod the task will be a harder!
It is very simple and small mod, but it give you a large adventures!
I love this mod! I hope you'll like it too.

Dragons are dangerous creatures. And each fight with the dragon you will remember how the whole adventure. And the victory over it can be seen as a victory.
Dragons are legendary creatures. And to fight them in legends is described as a feat of a warrior. This mod will create a sense that you are struggling in life, not just passing by, killed the dragon and went on.

What has changed?
- Some changes in the attributes of dragons and etc.
- No changes of dragon's damage

What are you need to fight with Dragons? - as usual are you used before.

in order to understand the meaning of this mod, just try to fight with dragon. With any. And you will understand.

 I play and enjoy, I decided to share with you.
I know that a lot of similar mods. but this mod is only mine, and I did as soon as I installed the game, I don't know. already these mods.This mod is very simple.

Best regards!

 The battle-test of Danger Dragons 1.3 with my follower. Pay attention how long we were fight with Dragon: