About this mod

Adds a lore-friendly, fully voice-acted quest about Teldryn Sero and his past.

Permissions and credits
  • Works on existing characters ✔ 
  • Lore friendly    
  • Fixes Teldryn's helmet    
  • Fully voiced with about 500 perfectly spliced dialogue lines   ✔  
  • Immersive questline with custom dungeons, bosses, locations, weapons and a new armor set  

Teldryn Sero's background has been rebuilt through a quest based on existing informations.
This quest revolves around people and places related to him. My goal was creating a story that looked like part of the original game, adding lore and depth.

(...) it was the backstory quest Teldryn deserved, and altogether felt more like an extension of the game than a mod. ~Cirrendil

Dragonborn and Dawnguard.
Dreyla Alor must be alive.

How to start the quest

Dismiss Teldryn, if you have hired him.
Read the manifest at Raven Rock docks, or at Windhelm Docks, nailed to a tree.

General Notes and Recommendations

• Please do NOT skip dialogues or exit them. Let NPCs speak. The quest was born
by reworking vanilla dialogues: the whole story - and the quest scripts - rely on them.

• Bring torches, lockpicks and potions with you. Bear in mind there is no way to exit the Shattered Crypt until you kill the vampire boss.

• Ignore locked doors. They are meant to stay that way and will unlock later during the quest.


You name it. It should be compatible with everything.
Not compatible with "Solstheim for the Dunmer".

SPOILERS! If you are stuck in...

Glowstone Hall: check the two Nordic buildings.
If you get stuck in first person, don't panic!
It's intentional! Keep searching the room.

Lower Level: check the lights... and the smaller lake behind the platform
with multiple Centurions.

Ship's Cargo Hold: check the small corridor with bottles on the floor.

It happened on older versions:

Some bugs can occur if you update the mod overwriting existing files.
Always uninstall a previous version of Teldryn Serious, play a bit without it, then install a new version.

  • "Geldis has no new dialogue, what do I do?"
Fix: Download the new version (7.0.0+).

  • "Dialogues and scenes get stuck if I use the night vision from Better Vampires."
Fix: don't use it. Bring a torch or find the Candlelight Spell Tome, it's in Glowstone Hall.

  • "I found the Argonian outside Frossel but now the quest is stuck, what do I do?" (solved in version 1.9.0+)
Fix: type setstage TSRQuest 216 in your console and press ok. This bug has been solved in version 1.9.0+

  • "The Argonian took me back on Solstheim but my quest log doesn't update. What do I do?"
Fix: type setstage TSRQuest 350 in your console and press ok. This bug has been solved in version 2.9.0+

Recommended Mods

The marriage addon has been released. 

Please respect my work. I did it pro bono.
You are not allowed to reupload this mod to your sites.

People who spend their free time by playing my mods deserve my attention and support.
They have the right to contact me through the site from which they've downloaded the mod.
So I have the right to have full control over the content I upload.

You want this mod? Download it from Nexus or Bethesda.net.

If this mod is anywhere else, it is stolen. Please report the stolen file if you see it. ~Undriel