About this mod

Adds a lore-friendly, fully voice-acted quest about Teldryn Sero and his past.

Permissions and credits
  • Polish
  • French
This mod is old and needs a solid rework. You can play it, but consider it a Work In progress.

Raven Rock is under attack.
Investigate, explore, fight alongside unexpected allies.
Follow clues through Solstheim and Skyrim and earn unique rewards.
Uncover a dangerous conspiracy and shed some light on Teldryn Sero's past.

  • Lore friendly
  • Fixes Teldryn's helmet
  • Works on existing characters
  • Fully voiced with 500+ perfectly spliced dialogue lines
  • Immersive questline, new dungeons, bosses, locations, weapons and a new armor set

How to start the Quest
Dismiss Teldryn if he's following you.
Read the flier in Raven Rock docks, just in front of the ship.

Requirements & Compatibility

  • Compatible with RDO
  • Not compatible with Dual wield blocking for idiots version C&D
  • Teldryn Sero, Geldis Sadri, Dreyla Alor, Captain Veleth, Brunwulf Free-Winter and Neloth must be alive in your current game
  • Please do NOT skip dialogues or exit them. Let NPCs speak. The quest was born by reworking vanilla dialogues: the whole story - and the quest scripts - rely on them
  • If things are not happening then you're likely missing some files. Redownload the mod manually, and add the packed file to Nexus Mod Manager manually. Try reloading a previous save first, for whatever issue you're having. If reloading or redownloading doesn't work, let me know!

You can watch the walkthrough on Youtube (7 parts)

(SPOILERS!) If you need Help...

Glowstone Hall
check the nordic buildings. If you get stuck in first
person, it's intentional. Look around the little room and read the clue.
Make sure your followers are not blocking the line of sight
between you or the jail guard, or he won't be able to cast the spell on you.

Lower Level
Check for chests around the lights... and in the smaller lake.
The smaller lake is located behind the platform with multiple Dwarven Centurions.

Ship's Cargo Hold
Check the small corridor with bottles on the floor for a secret passage.

He follows you, I know. He is supposed to be angry with Neloth and die in Tel Mithryn.
If he survives, kill him whenever you want (I will remove this feature in future versions).

They can't be tempered because I forgot to add smithing recipes.
Will solve this in future versions when I have more time to rework the mod.

In the meantime... have fun :)

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It happened on older versions:

Some bugs can occur if you update the mod overwriting existing files.
Always uninstall a previous version of Teldryn Serious, play a bit without it, then install a new version.

  • "Geldis has no new dialogue, what do I do?"
Fix: Download the new version (7.0.0+).

  • "Dialogues and scenes get stuck if I use the night vision from Better Vampires."
Fix: don't use it. Bring a torch or find the Candlelight Spell Tome, it's in Glowstone Hall.

  • "I found the Argonian outside Frossel but now the quest is stuck, what do I do?" (solved in version 1.9.0+)
Fix: type setstage TSRQuest 216 in your console and press ok. This bug has been solved in version 1.9.0+

  • "The Argonian took me back on Solstheim but my quest log doesn't update. What do I do?"
Fix: type setstage TSRQuest 350 in your console and press ok. This bug has been solved in version 2.9.0+

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