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Added simple Hearthfires bulk recipes for construction materials (separate independent download).


Hello everyone,

This is mostly a smelting mod for getting all of your smithing ingredients back from weapons and armor.  This means you don't just get one kind of item back, but any number of different items back.  For now I've programmed it to return exactly what is put into each item when crafting them.  This only includes items created at the forges.  I have also included a large number of recipes for items you can't create in vanilla Skyrim.

This mod may have issues with other crafting and smelting mods, however on my Skyrim it just seems to add additional recipes for each mod.  I would not recommend mixing this mod with other mods that change crafting recipes, though you should only need this one as I made it to eliminate the need for having more than one blacksmith crafting/smelting mod.  Details below.


- Can craft/smelt 20 arrows at a time
- Can smelt all metal armor/weapons except Daedric (I know this mod isn't entirely realistic, but I thought, how are you supposed to get a daedric heart back from the ebony?  Both are forever changed)
- Can disassemble leather armor at tanning rack
- Can craft wooden bows at tanning rack
- Made Studded Imperial armor stronger than light imperial armor
- Can smelt guard cuirasses, helmets, and shields
- Can disassemble guard gloves and boots at tanning rack
- Can tan deer pelt (for some reason I couldn't do this on vanilla skyrim, so I added a fix)
- Renamed deer pelts that were actually elk pelts
- Added ability to char your own skeever hides (doesn't use CarlConey's mod or script; mine also doesn't need SKSE)
- Firewood is now used to make shields that appear to use wood (hide, iron, steel)
- Added recipes for Blades armor and weapons including a Dai Katana (2 handed weapon); just unlock advanced armors
- Switched armor values for Dragon Plate and Daedric armors (because it should be better); there is already a mod that does this, but I thought this would help eliminate having so many different mods to activate (I'm over 100)
- Made some light armors/weapons lighter as in the vanilla game they are heavier than iron armor/weapons
- Doubled creation count for certain daggers as they used twice the ingredients or more as other recipes
- Tempering vanilla weapons (except bows) no longer requires ingredients (not realistic before - screw balancing :P)
- Tempering bows now requires bow main material (firewood, glass, etc.) and leather strips (was thinking of how the Huns made composite bows)
- Changes goat hide tanning from requiring 2 to 1, since it's larger than the fox and it only requires 1
- Added ability to craft/smelt large numbers of plain rings and necklaces (20 for silver/gold rings, 6 for necklaces)
- Certain items, like Draugr armor at the Skyforge, require far too many ingredients to justify the defense and visible amount of metal and leather, so I reduced them to a more realistic amount (screw balancing :P)
- Added ebony katana and dai-katana
- Can disassemble fur armor
- Can make 10 charcoal from 1 firewood
- Steel ingot is made with iron ingot and charcoal

Hearthfires Addon:
- Added bulk recipes for construction materials


Just copy the contents to you Skyrim data directory usually found at driveletter:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim
Includes source scripts for those who are interested.


Main file: Skyrim 1.9x, Update.esm
Hearthfires addon: Skyrim 1.9x, Hearthfires DLC


This may not be compatible with other mods that change armor values and ingredients of vanilla items.  Use at your own risk.

Note to modders: The main scripts that handle giving back more than one type of ingredient when smelting are not easy to work with because I have essentially hard coded all of the values.  I came up with this idea a long time ago and and couldn't figure out a better way to do it (I know quite a few have been searching for a way) until I had already nearly completed this mod.  This has been extremely tedious for me, which is why it took so damn long to finish.  I believe I have found a way to do it without hard coding every damn smelting recipe and I will upload it as soon as I get it working with this mod.

Thank you for your patience.


I use slightly modified vanilla models and textures for the Akaviri Dai Katana and Ebony Katana I've added.  All credit for these files goes to Bethesda.  DO NOT SELL this mod or any of its contents under any circumstances.

This mod includes a script for charring your own skeever hides.  This script is not the same as the one uploaded to this site (Char your own Skeevers) and is my own creation.

I have also used LtMattmoo idea to switch the values of the Dragonplate and Daedric armor so full credit for this goes to him: Dragonplate should be better than Daedric. Bare in mind I'm not using his mod for this one and he gives perms to use his mod as long as he is credited.

Now available for Skyrim Special Edition on Bethesda.Net.