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Two vanilla-voiced followers/skill trainers with small quests.

Permissions and credits

Ver. 1.X.X
Creating custom male followers [Done]
Creating introductory quest [Done]
Teach new shout quest [Done]
Creating new dungeons for the second quest [In progress]
Writing dialogue for the second quest [Done]
Programming the second quest [Not Started]

Plans for ver. 2.X.X
Writing custom follower dialogue for both characters
Writing romance dialogue for both characters
Implementing said dialogue as quests without custom voice 
Finding someone to custom-voicing them


English is not my first language, so excuse some awkward grammar and wording of mine. 

These male followers are for those who enjoy unbeautified Skyrim. They have vanilla looks and will use whatever body replacer you have installed. Compatible with SOS, of course. I have no idea how they might look with BetterMales or something similar, so don't get surprised if they don't look too good... :D

To get them as followers and trainers you'll first have to complete Drennan's small quest (and learn a bit of brothers' backstory as spellswords and Tongues). The quest becomes available after you complete Dragon Rising. It's better to pick it up before you head out to High Hrothgar. Unfortunatley, the quest is not voiced because I had nobody to voice it for me. Sorry. So you'll have to read subtitles. Other than that, the followers are fully vanilla voiced.
Both are level 150 and are best suited for high level players, but you can pick them up at any level as long as you finish the prerequisite quest. They are designed to be overpowered. If you want to have two protective men obliterating things for you, this is what they will do. And, in the words of a character from another game, "Any deed, any price." They will absolutely not run away from any combat and will participate in any crime spree you might embark on. Two-men army is at your service, ladies and gents. Recommended difficulty level of playthrought: Legendary.

Drennan Silver-Eye

Race: Nord
Weight: 100
Height: 1.08
Voice: Male Brute
Default attire: Leather armor set.
Combat style: close combat; one-handed dual wield; shouts, conjuration magic, archery.
Skills: conjuration, sneak, one-handed, block (since v1.0.3), marksman, light armor, lockpicking and a few other skills with all the necessary perks.
Shouts: Unrelenting Force, Ice Form, Fire Breath, Disarm (modified for high level enemies), Dragon Aspect, Sword Breath.
Spells: Conjure Dragon Priest, Conjure Dremora Lord, some healing.
Trainer (since v1.1.0): Enchanting up to 100.

Verod Silver-Eye

Race: Nord
Weight: 0.00 (yes, he's the skinny type but no less deadly than his brother counterpart)
Height: 1.03
Voice: Male Even Toned
Default attire: Leather armor set.
Combat style: mostly ranged; destruction magic, shouts; if needed -- archery or one-handed dual wield.
Skills: destruction, sneak, one-handed, marksman, light armor, lockpicking and a few other skills with all the necessary perks.
Shouts: Unrelenting Force, Ice Form, Fire Breath, Disarm (modified for high level enemies), Sword Breath.
Spells: Lightning Cloak (since v 1.1.5), Thunderbolt, some healing.
Trainer (since v1.1.0): Alchemy up to 100

Both know a custom made dragon shout, called Sword Breath. Their razor-sharp Thu'um can slice opponent's flesh. Drennan will teach you their shout if you know Ice Form and Throw Voice shouts. Both have default leather armor. Both have custom made ebony weapons in their inventories. Both brothers have other various items* in their inventories: things you can either use or sell for gold.

*Filled black soul gems are intended to use with AFT, so the followers would charge their own weapons. But you can grab a few anyway. ;-)

Both brothers are essential, both are marriageable. They have their own house to live in and can be found near Whiterun (see map below for details). Their house is not meant for the player.

Home location

They have their own schedule and blend organically into the game.

Sleep 01.00 – 08.00, the house door is locked;
Breakfast 08.00 – 10.00, the player can enter the house;
Work outside 10.00 – 12.00, the house door is locked;
Sit on the bench outside 12.00 – 13.00, the house door is locked;
Dinner 13.00 – 15.00, the player can enter the house;
Work outside 15.00 – 18.00, the house door is locked;
Work inside 18.00 – 21.00, the player can enter the house;
Heading to Bannered Mare for food and drink at 21.00 and stay there until 01.00.

TES V: Skyrim version (the mod was created on)

Not required, but recommended mods:
Smooth Faces for Ladies and Gents (male only version and without the included eyebrows)
LeanWolf's Better-Shaped Weapons
Amazing Follower Tweaks (AFT)
Schlongs of Skyrim (Warning: LoversLab)
Another Hairy Body Textures For Schlongs of Skyrim
And for even more fun -- Eager NPCs (LoversLab)
Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - RDO


I recommend using Nexus Mod Manager, or mod manager of your choice. Otherwise, you can just drag and drop files into your Skyrim data folder. Sort the load order with LOOT or any other load order sorting program.

I use AFT but I haven't fully tested them with its functionality (no werewolves or special outfits were made). As far as AFT is concerned, make sure they are below AFT in loading order.

If you have any issues or bugs, make sure to tell me about those and I'll try to fix them.


Will be incompatible with any mod that made changes to the vanilla Trainer Quest. There's a way around it, but I don't want to touch this right now.


Please do NOT:

  • Monetize this mod
  • Republish this mod in whole, or in part, neither here, nor elsewhere