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This mod adds to Skyim a portal to a demon lair with a new type of Daedra soldiers: Daytras. Creatures who hail from Coldharbour, these Molag Bal servants may prove to be a challenge. A spell to summon one can be found in the lair, as well as a Coldharbour inspired Daedric armor and mace. High player level recommended.

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A portal linking Skyrim to a Daedra lair has appeared. 
Unheard-of demons descendants of Molag Bal himself reside within. 
Only powerful beast hunters may face them!


*All info about the mod can be seen in the video below*
!The  images and video are from the Special Edition version, it's the same though!
You can find the SE version here

 This mod adds a new Daedra creature type called "Daytra". They are demons created by Molag Bal, resembling his own image.
These demons are ferocious beasts who want nothing but destruction, 
it's all they know, since they're from Coldharbour.
A portal to one of their dungeons has appeared nearby Castle Volkihar, of course, where their god is venerated.
Be careful, however, as they are above even to Dremora. 
(60 - 80 player level recommended)
(Exact portal location can be seen in the images or video -cell DLC1VampireCastleExterior08)
The mod comes with a new conjuration spell (spell tome and scroll for it), as well as a Coldharbour inspired Daedric armor set and mace.
All items can be aquired in the Daytra Lair, or from the creatures in it.
The spell to conjure a Coldharbour Daytra may prove useful, as he's a powerful creature (and brutally cool ally).


You can find those baddies only on their lair, for now.
(I don't known anywhere else where they would fit)

This mod is also intended as a modder resource. If you want to use it, just pm me or say it in the comments.
Use as you like, just tell me so I can know about it.

Compatibility and Bugs:

No incompatibilities (if any rise, I can patch);
Navmesh inside the Daytra Lair isn't perfect, meaning there might be small areas that are hard for the Daytras to reach or cross;
Daytra tails may bug on death sometimes, but that's because of Skyrim, since their tails are just reskinned Argonian ones.


David Aron/Grohiik (Me)