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Requiem patch for the Better Spell Learning mod by Scientic

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This is the requiem patch for the Better Spell Learning mod by Scientic. For use with Requiem This patch will also work with all subsequent newer requiem versions IF there are no new spells added. If there are new spells added by newer requiem updates, this mod would have to be updated to include those new spells. Nothing will break however, the new spells just would be learned through the normal eat book to gain knowledge way.


Better Spell Learning


- Download the two required mods.
- If you have updated to Requiem 2.0.1 use the 2.0.1 version ONLY. All DLCS required for this one. I left the old versions up in case people do not want to update.
- Download either the Dawnguard only version, or the one that includes both Dawnguard and Dragonborn. DO NOT USE BOTH.
- Install using NMM or MO. Let the esp from this patch override the esp of the original mod.
- Place esp below Requiem.esp in the load order
- Run reqtificator
- See original Better Spell Learning mod for recommendations (i.e. new game required etc or what not)

Please let me know if I missed out any spells from Requiem. I think I got all of them.

- Fixed broken references issue
- Updated to be in line with Requiem 2.0.1
- Updated the spell names to be congruent with requiem's spell names in the book pages itself and the immersive messages that are given when the spell is finally learned. (Dawnguard+Dragonborn only)
- Updated the mod to be in compliance with scientic's latest version (v1.10)
- Fixed the issue of missing properties in Conjure Flame Atronach, Conjure Frost Atronach and Lionheart
- Fixed the issue of Icecloak tome teaching Icewind instead


Requiem Team
Scientic (for letting me make a compatibility patch and for the original mod)

- The permissions stated here apply only to the esp provided by this mod and this mod alone. It does not apply to the original mod.
- You are free to upload this patch anywhere.
- You are free to claim credit for this patch if you upload it somewhere else. (But please provide support if you do)
- You are free to modify this patch's esp and upload it anywhere. (if you want to add it to this page to I welcome it)
- You are free to share it amongst yourselves. Go right ahead.
- The only thing you are not free to do is to sell the mod. Because CK's EULA. Anyone who solicits donations or tries to sell this mod is liable to legal action on their own.
- You are not free to claim credit for the original mod or do anything to the original mod. The scripts and ideas belong to Scientic. Refer to mod page or Scientic for permissions.