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Fixes stuck scene between Deor and Fanari after they are interrupted, and allows "A New Source of Stalhrim" to start.

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During my current gameplay it happened again. I came to talk to Shaman of the Skaals after cleansing the stones, and saw that Deor and Fanari are stuck again! No talking, no moving, just standing in front of one another and doing nothing. I remembered that last time, even after finishing "A new Source of Stalhrim" they were still stuck.

First, I searched the Internet for a solution and a reason why it happens. It turned out to be a common bug, when Fanari and Deor are interrupted during the scene, they are just stuck in it. Apparently there was no solution to this problem than just re-load a previous save before the problem occured. But I thought: "There must be some other way to fix that". And I think I found it.

This mod triggers misc quest "Ask Deor about Baldor's disappearance" by talking to Fanari during the stuck scene. When you ask Fanari if something's wrong, both Deor and Fanari become "un-stuck" and you can start "A new Source of Stalhrim" by talking to Deor.

This mod ONLY fixes this certain bug.


Version 1.1:
- Deor will become "un-stuck" the moment you ask Fanari if something's wrong (not like before, when she finishes talking)