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MCM that allows you to configure bleed damage mechanics and other related effects for combat.

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[size=10]BLEED THEM DRY REMADE[/size]

Bleed Them Dry Remade is a complete rebuild of the original mod that implements many features suggested by the Skyrim community over the years. It is designed to be a combat utility mod that allows all weapon types and many dangerous creatures to deal long-term bleed damage to targets. Each weapon type for both you and NPCs are able to be enabled or disabled as you see fit. Damage values range from 0.25 to 5 damage per second while duration values range from 10 to 60 seconds per bleed. There are thousands of possible setting combinations! To make setup quicker, you can choose from 7 different presets available on the Extra Options page in the MCM.

IMPORTANT: Bleed damage stacks! The more bleeds applied to a target, the faster it will lose health. Even though bleed damage overlaps, each bleed has has it's own timer and will not refresh any other bleeds currently affecting the target.

The default bleed chance system dictates that not every hit will spill blood; chances of causing a bleed per attack are determined by the attacker's relevant weapon skill. The following shows which skill trees affect which weapons and their bleed chances.

Weapon Skills:
Archery: Bows, Crossbows
One Handed: Daggers, Swords, War Axes, Maces
Two Handed: Greatswords, Battleaxes, Warhammers

Skill Levels:
1-29 = 25% bleed chance
30-59 = 50% bleed chance
60-89 = 75% bleed chance
90-100 = 90% bleed chance

There is an option under each weapon type for both you and NPCs to set your own bleed chance if you prefer to not use the default system.

You can also enable bleed damage from unarmed combat for select races through the MCM. This will allow you to deal bleed damage to enemies in fully unarmed combat if your character is a Khajiit, Argonian, in Werewolf form, or in Vampire Lord form. Khajiits and Argonians have a 20% hit chance while Werewolves and Vampire Lords have a 50% hit chance. There is an option to set your own bleed chance for this as well!

Note that there are a few exceptions regarding certain enemies; Undead, Daedra, Spriggans, Wisps, Ice Wraiths, and Dwarven Automatons are immune to all bleed damage and related effects.


You can enable player bleed damage by weapons at any time through the MCM on the Player Bleed Setting page. The options available on this page are identical to the NPC Bleed Settings page, allowing you to choose which weapons deal bleed damage, the damage & duration of the bleeds, and options to override the default bleed chance system. 

There is also an option to enable bleed damage when bitten or clawed by certain creatures. Each covered creature type has a default bleed chance that generally depends on their size and dangerous nature, but there is an option for you to set your own bleed chance that overrides the default values. If you choose to set your own bleed chance, the percent you choose is applied to all creatures regardless of type.

Bleeds from creature attacks have five general levels of damage: Very Low, Low, Medium, High, and Very High. These damage levels, much like the creature's default bleed chances, are based on their size and dangerous nature.

The following creatures have a chance to cause bleed damage when attacking:

Wolves | Death Hounds[DG] | Slaughterfish | Bears | Sabre Cats | Werewolves | Werebears[DB] | Gargoyles[DG] | Spriggans | Ice Wraiths
Trolls | Dwarven Spheres | Dwarven Centurions | Dwarven Ballista[DB]

If you enable any player bleed damage, dodging and blocking are the only ways to avoid gaining potential bleeds from attacks.
Learn to love your shield again!


On the Extra Options page you can find a list of NPC and player debuffs that can be toggled on or off depending on how difficult you want combat while bleeding to be. The following is an overview of the available options:

NPC Debuffs:
  • Slowed movement speed at 25% health while bleeding.
  • Slowed attack speed at 25% health while bleeding.
  • No natural or supplemental health regeneration while bleeding. 
  • No natural or supplemental stamina regeneration while bleeding. 
  • No natural or supplemental magicka regeneration while bleeding. 
  • Cowardly NPCs will flee from combat if bleeding and low on health.

Player Debuffs:
  • Slowed movement speed at 25% health while bleeding.
  • Slowed attack speed at 25% health while bleeding.
  • No natural or supplemental health regeneration while bleeding.
  • No natural or supplemental stamina regeneration while bleeding. 
  • No natural or supplemental magicka regeneration while bleeding. 
  • Unable to use bandages and tourniquets in combat.

Visual Effects:
  • Blood drops left on the ground from NPCs while bleeding.
  • Blood drops left on the ground from you while bleeding.

[size= 5]HOW DO I STOP BLEEDING?[/size]

You have a few options: You can either wait it out (health permitting) or you can use one of four ways to end the bleeding early. The first two ways are applying bandages or tourniquets to stem the blood flow. These are common skills that can be found in your magic menu and utilize certain everyday items. Bandages require 2 linen wraps and tourniquets require 2 leather strips to work.

You can also use Elixirs of Coagulation sold at apothecary merchants or cast a Cauterize Wounds spell offered by court wizards. These methods are the only ways to end bleeding early if you have disabled the use of bandages and tourniquets in combat. They have some drawbacks though; the elixirs are rare and rather expensive and the spell uses a fair amount of magicka coupled with a lengthy cast time.

Be aware that followers are considered NPCs and susceptible to bleeds from your attacks. Collateral damage is expected when you and your followers enter battle; for this reason, you are able to apply linen bandages, leather tourniquets, or use a Cauterize Wounds spell to remove bleeds and related effects from them or other NPCs that you have applied bleeds to from your attacks. Cauterize Wounds is a ranged spell but you must be standing right next to a bleeding NPC when applying bandages or tourniquets.

All bleed damage values in the MCM (including debuffs and visuals) take effect immediately so you are free to adjust them at any time, even in the middle of combat.


SkyUI v5.1
SKSE v1.7.3

Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLCs

Death Alternative - Your Money or Your Life by BralorMarr
Note: The patch prevents Bleed Them Dry's effects from continuing after your character blacks out so that you don't die instantly after regaining consciousness.

This mod should be fully compatible with most mods, including combat overhauls and mods that change textures and/or meshes of weapons and creatures. However, some mods may offer similar effects regarding attack speed, movement speed, or health/stamina/magicka regeneration. You can simply disable these if they overlap and begin to cause problems.

Attack Speed Compatibility: This mod includes an optional player attack speed fix and vanilla perk attack speed fix (both disabled by default) on the MCM Reset & Help page. There are some combat/overhaul mods that already include this same type of fix, so enable or disable these fixes as needed. If you're not seeing the vanilla perk fixes take effect, try placing BTD lower in your load order. If all else fails, you can simply disable the attack speed fixes & attack speed debuffs altogether in the MCM.

Weapon Compatibility: Mods that remove or assign newly created weapon type keywords (WeapTypeBow, WeapTypeSword, etc.) to weapons will not apply bleeds. This mod relies on those keywords to know what weapon you or an NPC are holding and which bleed setting to apply to the target. This also applies to mods that add new weapons to the game; it depends on if the mod author assigned the correct weapon type keyword to their item for this mod to recognize it. In my own experience, nearly every mod author assigns an appropriate keyword to their weapon so the chances of this type of conflict happening is incredibly low but is still possible.

Creature Compatibility: Mods that remove or assign newly created actor type keywords (ActorTypeAnimal, ActorTypeCreature, etc.) to NPCs or don't add their new NPCs to Skyrim's existing race groups (WolfRace, SabreCatRace, etc.) will not apply bleeds if you choose to enable bleed damage from creature attacks. This mod relies on actor type keywords to know what group an NPC belongs to and it's specific race to determine which bleed out setting to apply. 

[size= 5]INSTALLATION[/size]

MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR SAVE BEFORE DOWNLOADING AND TRYING THIS MOD! Improperly removing a mod, especially with scripts, halfway through a playthrough is not recommended and can result in unpredictable game behavior.

Download and activate using your mod manager to install.

[size= 5]UNINSTALLATION[/size]


After you are notified that all options have been reset and you have the MCM quest disabled, save the game. Quit and disable Bleed Them Dry through your mod manager. Load your save and make a new save. You can now play from that save onward.

[size= 5]ANYTHING ELSE?[/size]

Modern Brawl Bug Fix by Enai Siaion
Note: While BTD has a kill switch for it's cloak, it's best to use this mod to avoid brawl quest problems in general.
Realistic Ragdolls and Force by dDefinder
Note: Using the Reduced or Realistic Force options will help prevent NPCs from flying forward if they die while running.
Enhanced Blood Textures by dDefinder
Note: The color options in EBT and BTD are matched (except the Very Bright blood color option; that is BTD specific) so that their visuals work together.
Ultimate Deadly Encounters - The Way of the Dovahkiin aka Sands of Time by the Sands of Time Team
Note: Makes gameplay very challenging with BTD. You will probably die a lot.
Death Alternative - Your Money or Your Life by BralorMarr
Note: A HUGE thanks to BralorMarr for his help making the DA patch. Give DA a try if you've never used it!

Changelog can be found under the ReadMe tab.

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Thanks for your support!

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