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This is a bodyslide conversion for the HDT Maid Outfit now includes Skirt!

Permissions and credits
Apparently the original mod was taken off the Nexus for unknown reasons, but I've uploaded version 0.21 which is the  same version you would have downloaded if you navigated to the link I had provided previously (Original REQUIRED). The files within it are required for the rest of the files to work

Skirts are available in BodySlide now, all thanks to slash197, give them some kudos!

What else is in here?
I switched the slots of the panties and the skirt, so the skirt doesn't replace your adult parts or any undergarments you may be wearing and the panties will hide the adult parts and replace other undergarments as expected. (Optional download for those that don't want this change)

Hot file, Glad you guys like it :D

  1. Install the required mods (follow the instructions on each of em)
  2. Download this mod
  3. Drop all contents into the Data folder (or on top of it) or double click it in the Nexus Mod Manager
  4. Enable all esps of the required mods
  5. Load the esp found in this mod after the esps from the other mods
  6. Open up Bodyslide
  7. Select the HDT Maid (or Unassigned) group for Batch Building
  8. Click the Batch Build button in the bottom left
  9. Check the HDT Maid outfit pieces (heels, top (outfit), panties, skirt)
  10. Click build, or was it ok?
  11. Profit

slash197 for adding the skirt to bodyslide

And of course HydrogenHDT (You all know him)