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Mod Analyzer


5/24/2017: Hotfix 3.1.2 [full changes]
5/23/2017: Hotfix 3.1.1 [full changes]
5/16/2017: Update 3.1 [full changes]
5/15/2017: Major update 3.0 [full changes]
2/5/2017: Hotfix 2.0.5 [full changes]
1/20/2017: Hotfix 2.0.4 [full changes]
1/19/2017: Hotfix 2.0.3 [full changes]
1/15/2017: Hotfix 2.0.2 [full changes]
1/12/2017: Hotfix 2.0.1 [full changes]
1/11/2017: Major Update 2.0 [full changes]
12/27/2016: Hotfix update 1.9.1 [full changes]
12/27/2016: Update 1.9 [full changes]
12/16/2016: Hotfix update 1.8.2 [full changes]
12/8/2016: Hotfix update 1.8.1 [full changes]
12/8/2016: Added SSE Support.  Updated to 1.8 [full changes]
12/1/2016: Updated to 1.7.3 [full changes]
11/28/2016: Updated to 1.7.2 [full changes]
11/15/2016: Created Nexus Mods Page
11/15/2016: Updated to 1.7 [full changes]
5/27/2016: First stable release.


Mod Analyzer is an application which produces JSON dumps of mod asset file paths and plugin metadata.  Mod Analyzer is currently primarily used to produce mod analyses for use with Mod Picker.  Mod Analyzer is open source, so you are free to use it for your own projects or study/reuse the source code.


- Can handle archives in all of the most-used formats thanks to 7-zip and SevenZipExtractor.
- Can analyze multiple archives (e.g. for mods that have optional archives)
- Gets assets paths from inside of BSA/BA2 archives.
- Parses FOMOD and BAIN installers to determine the mod options provided, and maps assets and plugins to the options they correspond to.
- Analyzes plugin metadata, masters, errors, record composition, and overrides

Example Dumps

Below are some examples of dumps produced with Mod Analyzer.  All of these dumps are provided in formatted JSON for your convenience.  Right-click -> save link as to download the JSON files.

- Pure Waters v5.0
- Wet and Cold v2.0.2
- Campfire 1.8
- Bellyaches Animals and Creatures Pack [Bash Installer]

Dump Structure

Mod Analyzer produces dumps in minified JSON.  You may want to format the JSON for viewing.  This can be done using an online formatter or a
text editor plugin.  Below are some options:

- Free JSON Formatter [online]
- JSON Lint [online]
- NPP JsonViewer [Notepad++ plugin]
- Pretty JSON [Atom plugin]
- Sublime Pretty JSON [Sublime Text plugin]

The format of the dumps is available here: Mod Analyzer Output Format.json Gist


Also see the Advanced Mod Submission Tutorial for how to use mod analyzer to analyze multiple archives and upload the analysis to Mod Picker.


Mod Analyzer is open source and available on GitHub.  Mod Analyzer is licensed under the MIT license.


Mod Analyzer was created by Mator (matortheeternal) and Breems.  Mod Analyzer makes use of the following libraries:

- xEdit by ElminsterAU (maintained by Sharlikran, zilav, and Hlp)
- BA2Lib by digitalutopia1
- libbsa by WrinklyNinja (with a .net wrapper built by Mator)
- SevenZipExtractor by Eugene Sichkar, Alexander Selishchev, and Mator
- MVVM Light Toolkit by Galasoft
- Octokit by GitHub
- by Newtonsoft