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Level by killing dragons

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Harbringer, Nightingale, Archmage, Listener... in Skyrim you can become everything, mastering every form of magic and of combat and of crafting and of thieving, everything.
Why, well, of course you can! You are the legendary Dragonborn, the ultimate dragon slayer!

Except... it has nothing to do with dragon killing. You can achieve all that before even finding out about your destiny.
You can literally come in from nowhere, spend 2 days crafting daggers, and become a better blacksmith than Eorlund Grey-Mane!

This mod simply changes the leveling system so that it becomes dependent on dragon killing, with each kill prompting a choice for what to improve: your Skills, your Perks, or your Attributes.
(And when you'll end up forging daedric armor better than the best blacksmith in Skyrim, at least it won't be because you spent 2 days crafting daggers)

> Starting a new game is not required
> Devouring dragon souls lets you choose what do you wish to improve: your Attributes (Health, Magicka, Stamina+Carry Weight), your Perks (adds perk points), or your Skills (you'll need to use the MCM "Skills" menu to assign these skill points)
> Fully customizable
> Almost fully self-contained (only 1 vanilla script has been edited) (for the inexperienced users: this means high compatibility)
> Vanilla skill and level gain is (optionally) disabled
> "Memories of the past" potion: optionally, you can jumpstart your character on mod activation by drinking this (it's pretty much required in Requiem, unless you want to face Requiem's Bleak Falls Barrow at level 1)(choose "No past" when drinking "Memories of the past" if you don't want to use this feature)

> This mod should be compatible with pretty much anything, except mods editing the script/quest "MQKillDragonScript" (Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch and the Dragonborn DLC both do, but their edits are included - which is why both are required)

Mods that are confirmed to be compatible:
> Requiem
> Deadly Dragons
> Alternate start - Live Another Life
> Even Better Quest Objectives

Mods that are confirmed to not be compatible:
> None I know of (yet).

> None I know of (at the moment).

Required files
> SkyUI
> Dragonborn DLC
> Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch

Use any mod manager. That's it.
The same goes for updating: just overwrite the old files and you're ok.

The script MQKillDragonScript was edited to add the lines:
> Quest Property aaaLBDKquestID2 auto
> (aaaLBDKquestID2 as aaaLBDKQuest).aAddQueued(1)

Its quest has been edited to assign the quest property (autofill won't work because I mispelled its ID in the script and am too lazy to fix that)

If you want to make your own compatibility patch with another mod, just add the two script lines to its MQKillDragonScript (or equivalent script) and properly assign the quest property.

"Modding isn't about *why* - it's about *why not*." - Alduin Johnson

version 3
> Hid the slow Skills' MCM loading time

version 2
> Added a check to ensure "Memories of the past" gets added

version 1
> Mod released