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A small overhaul of the Alchemist's Shack

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I wanted to overhaul the Alchemist's Shack but without making it overwhelming. This will not likely be a good main player home, but will make a great greenhouse or simple home for an alchemist character.

Charming atmosphere
Named potion storage
1 Dagger Display
1 Weapon Rack*
25 Hearthfire Planters
1 Alchemy Table
1 Cooking Pot
1 Bed
3 Bookshelves (18 books per shelf)
1 New Book

*I'm having issues with the weapon rack where I can put the weapon on the rack but I can't retrieve it. Don't put anything you want back on the weapon rack or you'll have to use the console to get it back. If you want to change the weapon that's on the rack, you can disable the one that's on it and put up a new one. If anyone knows a solution for this bug, please let me know. (I have the markers linked up correctly)

I added a new book titled "Useful Potions" It contains the recipes for the potions I use during a playthrough, and is an alchemy skillbook.

Do Not upload this mod anywhere else. Please ask permission to make edits / upload to the nexus and give credit.
This works with SSE, but SSE adds new things in this cell, so new plants / props may be in the way. you can remove them using "disable" in the console


Drag and drop the .esp into your data folder.
Delete the .esp to uninstall.