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Player home located south of Helgen, near the Cyrodiil border.

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* * * Description * * *

Small to medium sized player home located near Southfringe Sanctum on the Cyrodiil border (Image:Map),
that has room for 1-3 followers. 
Key to the house is located in the firewood storage left of the doors.

No DLCs are required

Skyrim Special Edition Version
Xbox Version

* * * Features * * *

° All crafting, navmeshed, map and horse marker, safe & custom storage, lockable doors,
(when you get inside activate door lock 3 times (don't do it super fast) and it should work fine from there on)

° House ledger that gives you options to change stuff in the house,
! Note: before changing anything !
! make sure nobody is using that room/furniture and to close doors, turn fire off if you change any of those options !

° Secret/armory room to display and store armor and weapons,
(it's not navmeshed, it's secret)

° Custom skyrim shield (light) one is in the secret room, under armor storage (shields)
It's based on guard shield, only with better stats, craftable, temperable,
(need steel craft perk)

° Custom spell called Rejuvenated: Health and stamina increased by 10 for 8h, 5% Frost damage resistance for 4h,
(recive after sitting in the bath for 15 seconds)

° Animated furniture for the player (eat, drink, read, relax),

° Auto unequip gear for followers (not player) in the bathroom and beds,
(Beds do not unequip by default, but you can change these options in the house ledger)

° All doors auto-close after 10 seconds,

° Opened windows visible from the outside, also smoke from the chimney is visible if the main firepla
ce is lit.

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