The Corprusarium REDONE- Shadows of Dagoth Ur pt 1 (Mihail Immersive Add-ons- Solstheim- Morrowind) by MihailMods
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V3 released: I have changed some not too good voice actings

from previous versions and fixed some bugs.


-Please Attention-

Some robes, items and creatures have been replaced for another models, by request
from one of the authors from nexus. He respectfully asked me to do not use some of his
creations, that he wants to maintain exclusive, and because modding is about respect too,
I've done what he requested me to do. I still can use a big part of his resources, and I want to
give to him my best thanks, and apologize myself with him for some posible troubles.
But, that's past. :) Thanks for your good will! And for the community, you can see below
the changes (except one or another item, that has changed too, but is not on the image):
(ps1- what is not here, its because remains equal to v1) (ps2- now each corprus creatures
has unique sounds) (ps3- v1 has been deleted for good) Enjoy the mod! :)

Mihail Romanov


MOD REVIEW by Arcadable


Divayth Fyr dialogue lines

Walkthrough pt.1

Walkthrough pt.2

Walkthrough pt.3

Walkthrough pt.4

The Corprusarium of Solstheim was my second mod in years, and is a nice mod, but my concept needs a REDONE. The old mod is still on nexus, to be use as resource. But The Corprusarium REDONE replace all on it, just paste Corprusarium REDONE on your data folder, and The Corprusarium of Solstheim will be replaced by him. Well, are you a huge fan of TES Lore, and the game Morrowind like me? Do you miss Corprus? The all Dagoth thing? The ancient dunmer wizard Divayth Fyr succeeded to escape the eruption of Red Mountain, but, with his old town and Corprusarium totally destroyed, he traveled to Solstheim, with some other members of House Telvanni, like the old and grumpy buddy Baladas Demnevanni, and the loyal guard Vistha-Kai. So, they built there a new town and Corprusarium, in some ancient dwarven ruins, and, now with the colaboration of the Daedric Prince Hermaeus Mora, the ancient mage Divayth Fyr continues his research for a cure to Corprus disease. But, the shadow of Dagoth Ur is raising again from the abyss...Will you have courage to explore that cursed place? Or will you simply stay away, scared about the possibility to contract Corprus?

- 3 new locations, located on Telvanni Graveyard (the graveyard is now part of the
settlement, but the quest involving it suffers no problem)- New Tel Fyr (ruled
by Baladas), the Corprusarium (ruled by Divayth) and the Telvanni Council Hall. The
three are interconnected and I don't create separated teleport markers to each one.
In reality, I do not created any map marker, you need to fast travel to Tel Mithryn
and descend into the graveyard, cus the three locals are almost the same settlement,
and call it just that, Telvanni Settlement, will be wrong, because Tel Mithryn
also his a Telvanni settlement;

- Several houses, root paths, and 2 towers, with good items,
armors, books, usable furniture and ingredients;

- New Telvanni flora, with a lot of new types of
mushrooms, fungus roots and mushroom houses;

- Several new npc's, some from Tes 3: Morrowind. A big part of them have
custom dialogue, but only some have recorded voice, the others have
only text dialogue (so, enable subtittles);

- 3 new merchants- Telvanni Blacksmith, Telvanni Artisan and
Aryel, each one will sell you different items;

- 4 new type of Guards- Telvanni Guards, Telvanni Captain (both
with new armors and weapons), and two types of Council Guars (with
new robes, helmets and new staffs with special powers);

- New books about TES Lore;

- Tons of information about TES Lore, so, read the books,
talk with the NPC's, look for details and easter eggs;

- New armors, helmets (a great variant of cephalopod helms),
armor pieces, and  shields (most part obtainable);

- Great variety of Telvanni Robes, including guard variants, armored variants,
master variants and exquisite variants (most part obtainable);

- New weapons (including a complete set of Bonemold
Weapons, and some unique enchanted versions);

- New animals- young shellbug, telvanni nautilus, 4 species of fish and mole crab;

- An ancient dwarven ruin, that serves as the new
Corprusarium, with 3 levels, and secret rooms;

- A dark and tense atmosphere;

- The Corprusarium as new, unique and creepy sounds and soundtrack;

- A non-marked quest (morrowind style), with a treasure hunt
inspiration, based on the treasure hunt on the old Corprusarium in
TES 3. You need to find the correct keys, to the correct chests.

- A lot of Corprus creatures (they do respawn)- 2 variants of Corprus
Stalker, Lame Corprus, Ravished Corprus, Terminal Corprus, Corprus Puker,
Corprus Sorcerer, Corprus Ghoul, Dread Corprus Ghoul, Infant Corprus;

- 2 Corprus Npc's- Yagrum Bagarn and Vallentina, both with custom dialogue;

- 2 new diseases- Corprus and Blight; 

- Several new ingredients, for example Corprus Meat, Shoggoth Heart, Corprus Weepings
and Molecrab Chitin (all creatures drop something you can take with you);

- A new Corprus boss- Corprus Abomination (unique, do not respawn);
- A travel to the realm of Apocrypha, in a Shoggoth's Hive;

- New Apocrypha creatures- Shoggoth Worker, Shoggoth Vigilant, Shoggoth
Queen, Guardian Seeker, Mouth of Mora and Cthulhi Guards;

- New Ash Creatures- Telvanni Ash Zombie and Telvanni Ash Ghoul;

- You can explore the island, and hunt a Netch, like Baladas will suggest to you :v


I set the mod Levitate Revamped as one of the required files to
Corprusarium REDONE. But, it's not exactly that. Read the text below:

To reach some places, like the second floor of the Council Hall (to enter Apocrypha), Baladas House or to meat the Telvanni Warmonger, you need to know how to levitate. You can use a lot of mods that give to you the ability of levitate or flying. I specially suggest to you the mod Levitate Revamped, it does not have bugs, and works fine, but, only with that mod you will levitate more like an Airwalking spell, but it's balanced, fair, and friendly (you can waterwalking too in the lore LOL). And, if you follow the steps that the creator suggests to you on his mod page, you can change the animations to what you can see in this video:

(except TCL you cheater lol), 

Flying Mod Beta
Real Flying
Flyable Broomstick
Fully Flying Mounts

- The last Skyrim Update

- DLC Dragonborn
- DLC Dawnguard
- DLC Hearthfire
- A flying/ levitate mod


Solstheim Extended- Tel Mithryn

The Corprusarium of Solstheim (old version) is incompatible with Better Tel Mithryn,
because both use one same little part of the map, that makes part of my old Corprusarium's
exterior to dissapear if you run both at the same time, and maybe affect some parts of Better
Tel Mithryn scripts and adds, I don't know. But I do not test it yet with this new version.

I believe that the mod will not be incompatible with any other mod, 
except if it modifies the area next to the Telvanni graveyard.

This mod is the part 1 of the Shadows of Dagoth Ur saga.
Only the part 1 was released until now. :)

Future tittles of that saga will be:

The Impostor God- Shadows of Dagoth Ur pt.2;

The end of Vivec- Shadows of Dagoth Ur pt.3.

A really want to thanks to several modders, because without some of 
their meshes and textures, that mod wouldn't exist. :)
There's the list, with my sincere thanks:

- Ac3s and his Tel Nata II
- artifex0 and his Argonian Raptor Feet;
- MrMino and his Dwarven Bionic Suit;
- Anuiel and his Dwemer Beards;
- futoshisan and his Creepy zombies;
- flintone and his Bunny Toys
- SureAlLatiro and his Enderal;
- PrivateEye and his Adamantium Helm of Tohan;
- Vicn and his Vicn Creature Pack;
(Enhanced Character Edit by ECE Team
SKS Hair 42 included in "Hair packs of TES IV
Oblivion for Female Only" by Radioragae,
SKS DIMONIZED UNP female body by dimon99)
- Titansbane and PrivateEye by their Tools of Kagrenac
- Enter_77 and his Morrowind Dwemer Resources;
- Natterforme and his Daedric Lord Armor;
- Link815 and his Bonemold Expanded
- Elianora and her Blue Telvanni Mage Robes;
-Ironman5000 and his Hidden Treasures;
-Oaristys and his Modder's Resource Pack;
- Skywind Team;
- Dogtown1 and his SkyMoMod;
- BlackRaven117 and his Tel Morano
- scot and his Morrowind mushrooms
- GendunDrup and his Bonemold and Chitin Weapons
- jacknifelee and his Velvet Robes and Cloaks
-  dricks and his Dricks HD Eggs Sacks;
- Araanim and his Here There Be Monsters - The Call Of Cthulhu;
- Tom Isaksen of  
(http://www.character...r/#!prettyPhoto) for the Cthulhi Guards model;
- Blitz54 and his Improved Fish;
- LastOracleofDawn and his Amulet of kings- Not Ported;
- Sabbath6100 and his Reclamations Morrowind Style;
- Edhildils and his Edhildils Daedric Freak Armor BBP.

Mihail Romanov

My Guars of Solstheim mod needs a REDONE, so, I released the new mod
Guars REDONE. The old mod is discontinued, and the new replaces all on it.
But you still can donwload it to resources. :)

The V2 of House Dres pt.1- Underhanded Slavery was released today :)

<DLC size mod- See pics on my profile and also a video :)

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Soul Trees- Interesting Soul Cairn

Sea Dreughs- Mihail Monsters and Animals

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Cliff Racer Song- Easter Egg