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A mod that makes the flat vanilla beds a little bit more life

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fixed some UVs in the headboard part, also reduced the "stretching" in the rounded parts of the mattress though they are still there, now they are less noticeable...mapping rounded corners is very difficult.

This  asset is going to be used on a videogame I'm working on, I'm still scouting for 3D artists and level designers with talent like Elianora (Elianora y u no join me??) if you are interested pm and show me some of your skills.

SOOOOO about the mod:

This mod is a replacer for noble beds in skyrim has it never occurred to you that it is weird that when you wake up your sheets are perfectly flat? In the middle of a civil war, with dragons on the loose, vampires stalking in the nights  and people find time to make their beds? that's
un-immersive so I fixed it by remodeling the beds mostly the sheets so they look like someone actually sleeps on them.

So the mod does basically this:

*So now the sheets have creases(wrinkles or whatever the right word is).  
*Some of the wooden parts of the beds have been remodeled.
*And last but not least the pillows have been remade too!!!.

You know what is so great about this mod? It uses vanilla textures, I've mapped the UVs in a way that they are faithful to the vanilla models meaning this is fully compatible with any retexture that honors the vanilla maps here's an example using Enhanced Noble furniture:


It's not compatible and probably will never be, that mod doesn't respect the vanilla mappings so it will never be made compatible at least not by me, and besides that mod uses a lot of textures for a single object instead of an unwraped single one if I combine that with the higher poly pillows and sheets we could start getting performance issues.

About performance:
There's no performance cost at all. Its negligible even though the beds are higher poly now(not so much don't worry) the beds are 99% of the times found in interiors and well at least I haven't noticed a single fps loss.
Installation.....Just use the nexus mod manager.