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Adds a badass scythe based on the weapon from Dark Souls 3.

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By FunkyGandalfCat

Long ago, a hag ventured across the Evergloam, lair of the Night Mistress, Nocturnal.
This same hag made a pact with the Evergloam master, she begged for the great Daedric Prince to have more power, and also, immortality. In return, this hag would serve the Daedric Prince, doing her bidings and wishes when it was asked.
Nocturnal touched the tainted heart of the hag, transforming the already frightful hag on even more deformed creature. The Hagraven.
After the ritual was complete, Nocturnal also gifted the hagraven with a weapon, an great scythe that she would use to rip off the very souls of Nocturnal's foes. Then, the Night Mistress bestowed a new name to her new powerful servant, The Crow Mother.
Who she was in the past is now lost, but how the great scythe went to Skyrim? Well, some stories says that the Gray Fox himself stole it from the Hagraven, but those are just stories...

This weapon, was made based in the Corvian Great Scythe, from Dark Souls 3.
With small differences on lookings and sizes(to match Skyrim weaponary more properly)

The weapon features:

- High Damage output (not OP)

- Increased Attack Speed

- High Critical Damage Output

- High Critical Chance

The weapon can be tempered using a Daedra Heart, 1 Hagraven Claw and 2 Ebony Ingots.

The weapon can be found embedded on the Word Wall in the Lost Valley Redoubt, near Rorikstead. (See image)

A quick showcase I made from the Scythe!

Awesome Review made by Chay, take a look!

SnowAspire made nice review of it, take a look!

For manual Installation:

Just unpack everything and throw the Data folder inside your Skyrim folder.


Just use NMM

Humus - for his cubemap bases, "PalmTrees" which I edited.

His website:

Vicn - For the armor mod, which it can be found on his famous mod, Vigilant

Maya 2016
Maya 2016 Nif Plugin (Here on Nexus)
Photoshop CS5
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