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Ech'ad is Hebrew for the word "one", which is what I was aiming for. One house with everything I wanted.

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So I got tired of player houses not having the feel I wanted for a home to use in-game

Too isolated...

garbage location...

Too many load doors...

too many glitchy mannequins...

simply overall lacking a good feel...

So I gave up trying to find the house I wanted and decided to build it instead. that being said this is my first shot at modding, I'm pretty sure everything is the way it should be so it won't conflict with anything. The house is essentially the proudspire manor with a bit of internal remodeling (added/removed a few rooms and walls, included 3 working mannequins, smithing/forging/crafting/etc. stations, a vault with a good amount of gold and jems because I can, etc) and a location just outside if ivarsted. I play this with "Realistic Aspen Trees", "Skyrim Flora Overhaul", and "JK's Ivarsted" to give the enviornment around the home a better feel.

Thanks to my friend Arrowdemon for the 4K screenshots

So I hope you enjoy! :) 

P.S. Since I'm new to modding there are a few features that probably should be added to this mod (like adoption/spouse friendlier, better navmesh around the manor grounds, etc.) that, if some who is better at this modding ordeal than I wanted to step up and add such features, let me know and we can get something rolling.