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A collection of small NPC AI enhancements

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Ambiance: A collection of small NPC and AI enhancements

What does it do?
This mod aims to give minor improvements on how NPCs in Skyrim conduct their everyday lives under the hood. The overriding principle here is whatever you can do, NPCs can (except stuff only a Dovahkiin can do and the like).

An example would be the thief world encounter quest. In Vanilla, it would only try to rob you, the player character. This mod will introduce additional behaviors to the thief to try to rob nearby NPCs as well. You will rarely see this effect, but try mixing this mod with something like Adventurers and Travelers and wait for that unsuspecting wanderer walk near one. :)

Currently considered a beta. It is recommended backup your save before installing.

Complete feature list is located in the changelog.


LOOT is your friend. Place higher up in the load order for compatibility, lower for integration.
Tested to be compatible with Immersive Citizens

  1. Overwrite old Ambiance.esp with new version
  2. Reload game