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 This preset is of my main character, Rosentia Mateus. She also exists as a Follower here.

An Imperial born and bred, Rose grew up in Cyrodiil with a flexible sense of morality that had her join a coterie of thieves with similar mindsets. There she found friends... until one of them turned traitor and served the rest up to a rival group. 

A single night of bloodshed saw the Coterie decimated. Rose and several of her friends made it through - only to discover that one of those killed had connections in higher places than they'd thought. The small band of survivors had a single choice: run, or die.

They ran.

Mod Requirements

Racemenu by Expired
Brows by Hvergelmir
KS Hairdos - Renewal by Kalilies
Improved Eyes Skyrim by Jen (not available - a good substitute would be The Eyes of Beauty or LiEyes)
Freckle Mania by Tetrodoxin
Women of Skyrim Enhanced NormalMaps by Zzjay (To fix the neckseam issue)

Optional but Recommended

Dimonized UNP Body by Dimon99
SR Female Textures by SerenXXX (Google for it and ye shall find)
Better Makeup for SKSE by Diehardt

Other Mods in Screenshots

Vividian ENB - Vanilla by Mangaclub
Expanded Towns and Cities by MissJennaBee

How to Install

Drop 'Rosentia.jslot' into Data/SKSE/Chargen/Preset.

Use the console (if not starting a new character) and type 'showracemenu'.
Click the top-right 'Preset' tab and then hit F9.
Select 'Rosentia', and voila!

My Other Files

Ambre Greenham - Breton Preset and Standalone Follower