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Adds some curved barbells for dudes who like that sort of thing.

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3.0 is here! Check below for changes.


K so I'm feeling like absolute crap so this is prolly gonna be short and not very humorous. Soz. Also sorry for the efforty screenshots. Bad Furb.

So basically I wanted my femmy elf up there to have something pretty to wear. That's why I threw something together in Blender in fifteen minutes and half-assedly slapped some filters on the UV maps. Ultimately I'm pretty okay with the results though or else I wouldn't be sharing. If you want some belly decor, this is as good a start as any, I suppose. It's all curved barbells (though they're just called barbells in game), one style with balls, one with spikes, one with a chain and a little disk, two of which are rainbow, the others are TG/DB/Nightingale symbols. There's screenshots up there I dunno why I'm going on.

You can make all of these at the forge with one silver ingot. If you use SkyUI you can filter for "barbell". They're also enchantable and act as rings in that regard.

I'm offering this mod as-is. Don't request anything, don't report that it doesn't work with your body (see below) - I am not supporting this mod unless something absolutely catastrophic is happening. I don't think it will, but I guess you never know. If you don't like the textures, they're pretty simple to deal with. Coupla circles and rectangles. Hell, you can just slap a solid color down on a square and you'll be done. Otherwise if you don't like something, don't use it. Easy as. Sparkly textures work like gangbusters tho. All frosty like.

I hate to be that way and I'm sorry, but A) I really, really have to back off trying to please everyone and this mod works as intended, as far as I've seen, and B) this really was just slapped together in a matter of a few hours and is not really a huge priority, much as I do actually like it. I've got other, bigger mods that need finishing and publishing. So. Please respect my request.


You can, in theory, use this with any male body, however the placement of the navel on whatever texture you're using may cause alignment issues. I modeled these on the SoS body, using Complete Male Overhaul as a guide. The lack of a definitive navel on most male bodies (the meshes I mean) kind of gimps my ability to get the placement just so.

I know for sure Earrindo's body doesn't work. Like, at all. I discovered this because I tried a barbell on while wearing one of his Well-Dressed Mage robes. Which makes me irrationally upset. Okay not really but it does suck.

But FavoredSoul, Sundracon, probably a lot of standard-ish textures will be okay, with only minor issues. YMMV


3.0 - This update contains a decent amount of junk that caused me to not want to see Blender or Skyrim ever again (hang on let me close Skyrim). But here's what's in it for you!

  • Bottom plain barbell ball has been changed to be slightly larger than the top one, as is more or less traditional.
  • Balls have been remodeled/remapped in a more sensible way so that they are now pretty much seamless with regards to the rainbow texture.
  • Barbells with hearts on the bottom added!
  • Optional ground object files available. There's a pic up there. I think it's kind of tacky. Maybe it isn't. I dunno. If you like it, you're more than welcome to use it. Just install the main file first, and install the option over it. For NMM tell it no to upgrade and yes to overwrite. MO users click merge.
  • Said GO mesh is a little (way) too glossy/speccalur on the lining so it's entirely possible that when it's at its stock angle the bed will appear straight white. Probably gonna stay that way because it's a damn novelty ground object, ya dig?
  • That's it for now!


This "conflicts" with Wearable Lanterns, in that equipping a lantern will unequip your piercing. But you can put it right back in while the lantern is on with no other issue. So I dunno. It's a mild annoyance in my book. Maybe not for you! Okay so I'm dumb and didn't realize Wearable Lanterns allows you to pick the slot it uses so do that. I'm using the latest version, tho, I dunno how long that feature has been there. Knowing me probably forever :P


Gonna take a break from this for probably a good while, though I do have further plans for new pieces. Keep an eye out y'know.


As long as you don't sell my assets you are more than welcome to do with them as you please. Just please credit and link back. Or don't! It's honestly not that important.