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Boosts various perks to be like their vanilla Skyrim counterparts.

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I made these for personal use so I'll update this as I do different playthroughs and use different perks.

  • Mercenary under Blade Dancer is now 50 and 100 percent one hand damage boost instead of 8 and 23.
  • Suitable Armor under Vagrant is now 50 and 100 percent light armor boost instead of 15 and 32.
  • Arcane Might under Elementalist is now 25 and 50 percent elemental damage boost instead of 13 and 25.
  • Elemental Apprentice/Novice/Expert and Unleashed Might under Elementalist reduce mana cost by half instead of 30 percent.
  • Concentration under Sinistrope now gives entropy spells a 50 and 100 percent damage boost. This does make them kind of OP but if you can potentially die from using them there should be some kind of incentive.

I'm not a Hardcore Gamer™ and therefor wasn't looking for a challenging experience. So while playing on Adept these do make the game easier. You still can't be careless, but the chances of your ass getting handed to you are much lower. So if that's not your kind of thing then this isn't for you. But like I said I've only played on Adept so I'm not sure how much this changes things on higher difficulties.