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Adds a 1-second speed boost Power, designed to be an alternative to Silent Roll. Also fun to use in combat. Now can be cast by equipping a (hotkey-able) ring.

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A Simple Dash Power For Sneaky Bastards

SSE Version: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/4374?

Adds a Power and a hotkey-able ring (as a favourite item) for casting it.
Quick Dash - 100% speed boost for 1 second. Costs 40 stamina, 7 second cooldown, during which stamina regeneration is reduced.

No clue why you'd want that, or can't quite picture what it does? Here's the description in video form:

I made it as an alternative to Silent Roll, which felt stupid because it was often correct to use it constantly and roll everywhere. Quick Dash also turned out to be useful and fun to use in combat as a costlier, bursty sprint that works in any direction, making it a decent script-less alternative to dodge mods.

I made another mod for thiefy types, check it out!
Empowered Throw Voice (and Undetectable Whispers)

Added 'QDash Cast Ring' for hotkeyed casting.
Added 'Quick Dodge' - that's more for SSE. If you want to use it, search for 'Quick Dodge' and 'QDodge Cast Ring' in the console.

Added optional update. Changes Quick Dash to grant a 130% speed boost with a cooldown of 9 seconds.