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So you've moved into a snazzy new manor, complete with smithy, stables, kitchen, dining room, alchemy lab, enchanting stations, boudoir, jacuzzi, bowling alley, rotating cocktail lounge etc. Unfortunately, this luxurious estate is COMPLETELY EMPTY! No servants. No blacksmith. No gamekeeper. No apothecary. No quartermaster. No butler. No hou

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ATTENTION: Thanks to everyone that has downloaded and enjoyed this mod. I will unfortunately no longer be supporting this version of immersive recruitment. I have a complete re-write planned, which I will release as a separate new mod. The new mod will have much of the same functionality and will effectively replace this one, but will work in a very different way.

For those that still enjoy immersive recruitment, I will leave this mod up indefinitely but without updates or support. You can do whatever you want with it. Improve it, mod it, steal it, whatever. Have fun!


So you've downloaded purchased a snazzy new manor, complete with all the amenities: smithy, stables, kitchen, dining room, alchemy lab, enchanting stations, boudoir, Jacuzzi, bowling alley, rotating cocktail lounge etc. Unfortunately, this luxurious estate is COMPLETELY EMPTY! No servants. No blacksmith. No gamekeeper. No cook. No apothecary. No quartermaster. No butler. No goddamn entourage.
If only there were some way you could employ NPCs to perform these tasks for you...

Now, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking:

 "Can't I just kidnap force-recruit Adrianne Avenicci with EFF, set her home to my forge, and work her like the digital slave-puppet that she is??"

Well you could, except for the following issues:

1. Her store doesn't function unless she's near warmaidens.
2. Kidnapping people into slavery isn't very nice and you should be ashamed of yourself.
3. It's also not IMMERSIVE

Immersive Recruitment -- Household Staff and Entourage or 'Immersive Recruitment' for short, allows you to recruit NPCs, pay them a salary, turn them into followers, re-home them with the follower/home management mod of your choice, and have them run a functional store (depending on which job you choose for them)

Additionally, NPCs will only recruit into jobs that they are suited to. For example: only Blacksmith NPCs, or those with a high enough smithing skill can be recruited as blacksmiths. Only an Apothecary or similar is a valid recruit to be an apothecary. Only those with marksman skill over 35 can be gamekeeper. Only plausibly skilled cooks are eligible to be your chef. Only really poor folks with few skills or options would consider being a servant.  NPCs from respectable families won't take jobs they consider beneath them. Some NPCs satisfy requirements for multiple jobs, and some jobs costs more than others, so the choice is yours.

New Features for 1.4
  • Blacksmiths, alchemists, and wizards that you recruit can now assist you with a temporary skill buff for their relevant crafting skill.
  • Bug fix - you can no longer recruit daedric princes

New Features for 1.3

  • Jo'zahar is now fully voiced... by me! I'm actually rather happy with the results.

  • Bards! You can now recruit bards. Do they sing? Maybe. I haven't really tested it. Unless I'm overlooking something, they should retain their vanilla bard dialogue.

  • Wizards! This one was interesting. How you recruit wizards will change based on whether they're in the college or not, and if they're junior-level students, or if they're in the same league as College faculty and court wizards. The mod also takes into account whether the player is in the college or not, and how high they rank. Prices will change depending on these criteria. The wizards types are as follows:
1. College Faculty -- recruited as research colleagues, or court mages, depending on player.
2. Court mages -- recruited as research colleagues, or court mages, depending on the player.
3. Junior college members -- recruited as apprentices if the player ranks high enough.
4. Non-college Non-court wizards -- recruited as apprentices or colleagues depending on various circumstances (will refine this more in the future).The first two types already have vanilla stores set to be open anywhere any-time, so I've left their services alone. This mod will simply allow you to recruit them as followers while maintaining some kind of story justification.

The second two groups will become wizard merchants selling leveled spells, scrolls and soul gems etc, similar to the smith and apothecary recruits.

Highly recommended mods:

This mod was really designed to work with other follower/residence mods. It won't be much fun on its own. I use these:

Extensible Follower Framework
My Home is Your Home 
Relationship Dialogue Overhaul 

MHIYH is very important if you want your staff to have sleep/work schedules or patrols. This mod was pretty much made with MHIYH in mind. Because my mod allows you to recruit NPCs that would not normally be followers, RDO is recommended to fill out holes in their voices and dialogue (snooty high elves as followers for instance)

Amazing Follower Tweaks should also work, but I've never tried it myself.

Lastly, due to currently unvoiced dialogue I recommend installing  Fuz Ro D-oh - Silent Voice, at least for the time being. This will make some unvoiced  dialogue readable. It's fine to skip this as it only really affects non-mandatory flavour dialogue.

Plans for Future Versions:

  • New Job: Fences
  • New Job: stableboys/farmhands
  • Vampire thrall / brainwashing recruitment option
  • New Job: Bards Added in 1.3
  • New Job: Wizards Added in 1.3
  • Cleaning/sweeping idle animation for servants
  • Additional conditions to prevent recruits from holding more than one job (don't do this!) Added in 1.2
  • Vanilla voice responses for recruitment dialogue
  • Some kind of voice solution for Jo'zahar Added in 1.3
  • Terminate contract option to remove NPCs from the Household Staff and vendor factions
  • Some kind of timer to require contract renewal after one year (game time) or terminate contract.
  • Signed contract item to be added to inventory after unsigned contract is removed Added in 1.2
  • Will always be improving and adjusting hiring conditions for maximum immersion.
  • Fix some more minor faction bugs/oversights with deadric princes and shrines.


Q: Why are some NPCs like Mikael and Adelaisa open to nearly EVERY job?
A: They just happen to meet the requirements for every job. What can I say; they're versatile skilled people. As it turns out, leveled NPCs that are 'citizen' class tend to rack up skills in things like smithing, alchemy and barter pretty quick. I didn't design this directly -- it's an emergent thing.

Q: How do I get started?
A: Visit Jo'zahar the Scrivener at the Bannered Mare. He has employment contracts and entourage invitations for sale. Once you have the one you need, just start talking to people. If they're eligible, you should be able to hire them.

Q: What if I just want to move an NPC into my home without them performing any kind of job? I just need them to stand there and look pretty.
A: We are still firmly against kidnapping NPCs. We have entourage invitations instead. There is only ONE prerequisite to invite an NPC to your entourage; they must be your 'friend' (relationshiprank of at least 1). Be forewarned however -- an entourage ain't cheap. You can get invitations from the same place you get the employment contracts.

They're not following me!
A: Talk to them again and tell them to follow you. They're vanilla followers now.

Q: How do I make them live in my home?
A: Use EFF, or MHIYH, or something similar.

Q: Will this flood by dialogue view with recruitment topics all the time?
A: No. You can only recruit when you have an appropriate recruitment contract in your inventory and are speaking to a valid NPC.

Q: This mod doesn't actually do all that much
A: It's not meant to, though it might do more in the future. I don't believe in reinventing the wheel -- and there are a lot of good follower/home mods out there. The problem I've always had was the jarring disconnect between what mods like EFF can do -- and what could actually be justified by the plot and story. This mod is meant to serve as a bridge. No more force recruiting! No more empty houses!

Q: What are the servants supposed to do?
A: Nothing, at the moment. At some point I want to add a sweeping/cleaning animation, and perhaps some dialogue. For now they just laze about your house, drink your mead and eat your food.

Q: Something doesn't work!
A: Please let me know! I haven't tested this very extensively, and I really want to know if something doesn't work. It's my first mod -- be gentle.

Q: Is this mod 'script-heavy'? Will it frack up my save?
A: Everything in this mod is accomplished with simple dialogue conditions and factions. There are some basic script fragments in the dialogue for things like adding or subtracting gold and contracts, but that's it. It's been cleaned in TES5edit. Should be perfectly safe, but then I'm no expert.

Q: I think this NPC should be recruit-able to such and such a job and they aren't!
A: Let me know. I didn't pick out too many individual NPCs, and mostly used the vanilla job factions with a few tweaks. The plan is to refine this as I go.

I don't want an NPC to run a store anymore. How do I terminate their contract?
A: Not completed yet. Next version. In the meantime, you can use the console to remove their merchant faction.

Q: Dialogue goes too fast!
A: Sorry. I never recorded blank voice files. Use Fuz Ro D-oh - Silent Voice for now. I'm Investigating the possibility of adding some vanilla voices, but I don't actually know how to do that yet.

Q: Why won't the NPC sell me anything?
A: They have working hours, just like most vanilla stores. Talk to them during in the day time.

Q: They still won't sell me anything!
A: Dismiss them. Merchants can't conduct business while actively following you.

A: Do you honestly think keeping a blacksmith on retainer is cheap? It isn't. We're going for maximum immersion here, kids. A mansion full of servants is for RICH dovas.