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What sweet music they make! Well, with these wolf howl sound files they do. (Replacer, no esp needed. Works with SSE)

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(and how to solve them)

Replacer sound files which make wolves (and familiars) sound like actual wolves.

(click me)

(click me)

(Note: These are old versions, some of the new ones sound different - but you get the idea. Updated samples will be coming as soon as my urge to play the game returns.)

To install, copy the contents of the "Wolves - Children Of The Night" folder into your Skyrim folder.

To uninstall, delete the "data / sound / fx / npc / wolf / howl" folder.

  • Optional long distant-howls:

This is not very familiar-friendly and throws away the compromise between decent sound and game mechanics (length of animations, real number of wolves in the vicinity), but turns wolf encounters into awesome atmospheric events.
Here's an audio sample (recorded in game): *Click*
Install on top of main version, overwrite all files when asked.

  • Optional alternative "breatherun" sounds:

Replaces the wolves' "breatherun" sounds (you know, the ones they're doing when running around) with short growls.
(Note: This also affects foxes. Skyrim's wolves and foxes share the same sounds, the only difference is the pitch. In my opinion also foxes sound better with these sound replacers, because they're not doing the heavy breathing when running.)
Here are three examples (for wolves): *Click*
Extract to game folder to install.
Delete "data / sound / fx / npc / wolf / breatherun" folder to uninstall.

except mods which come with their own versions of replacer sounds for wolves.
Worst thing that can happen in this case: My files replace the others, and wolves will sound the way this mod wants them to.
This mod will also work with the Skyrim Special Edition, total conversions and other large mods, as long as those use the vanilla sound file structure (which most of them do, afaik).

As confirmed by users, this mod works with:
  • Enderal
  • Skyrim Immersive Creatures (SIC)
  • Audio Overhaul for Skyrim (AOS)
  • Wolf Howls and Growls
  • SkyTEST - Realistic animals and predators

These files don't change anything but some wolf sounds, and they have no impact on other game mechanics.

  • The possibility of familiars/wolves doing double-howls:

lesi123 made a bugfix for that, which is available in the "Miscellaneous" files section.

It's an esp, and since it changes only one single entry, there shouldn't be incompatibilities at all (in fact, it fixes a vanilla problem which doesn't seem to be solved by any other patch I know of, and will also work with other wolf sound replacers offered by different mods).
Load order should not matter, but if it doesn't work for you, put it after any large audio mod you might have installed.
(And: to save esp slots, it's safe to merge it with another mod.)

  • Some players do not hear howls at all (or other wolf sounds):

If this is the case, you're experiencing the Dawnguard wolf sound bug.
There are several fixes available, for example the Dawnguard Wolf Sound Fix (optional file for SkyTEST) or the Unofficial Dawnguard Patches.

  •   lesi123 for the "Distant Howl Fix"