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Last updated at 0:16, 8 Jun 2017 Uploaded at 19:11, 10 Oct 2016


This is a mod pack that reduces visuals, reduces light sources and remove insignificant objects to make Skyrim perform better.


- Less lag, more performance
- Easy-to-install FOMOD
- Remove smoke and dust.
- SKSE memory tweaks.
- Removes some lighting.
- Removes grass and foliage.
- All files are OPTIONAL

...and many more!


They are stated in the mod descriptions. Before commenting, please learn to read the incompatibilities. I have had one person complain about incompatibilities because he/she could not read the descriptions in the FOMOD.


SKSE is not required, but you will need it for SKSE.ini. This ini file helps with memory issues and other stuff. I recommend you get SKSE as it helps with performance tweaking and it is used by many of the popular mods such as moreHUD, Crash Fixes and SkyUI.

Load Order

Allow LOOT to sort it for you, if you get issues, move it to the bottom.


1. Download Mod...
2. Extract to *Skyrim*\Data folder.
3. Activate Mod.
4. Done!


1. Download Mod using a MANAGER.
3. Done!


This mod edits a lot of resources. It is recommended to uninstall this mod only when you are done your save file.

1. Find an empty cell with no AI in it
2. Save the game.
3. Remove the mod
4. Done!

I will not be held responsible for any save game that corrupts or blows up with CTDs.


"OH MAN! THERE ARE OTHER MODS THAT ARE BETTER THAN THESE. WHY DON'T YOU ADD THEM ON??!!!". Well I only added the mods that do not have a permission to them and the ones that allowed re-upload. Yes, there are other mods but those mods do not permit a reupload and reuse. My apologies.

Mods used for this are...

SKSE ini pre-download for lazy users by Sagittarius22
Smoke and Dust Remover by Xoninho
Interior and Dungeon Fog Remover by 747823
Platoon Performance Mods by Platoon
Darkerrim No Lighting by thelawfull
Skyrip by rmmuk
RemoveTrees-RemoverArvores by Darkmano
Possessive Corpses no more lazy zombies and shy nirnroots by Amgepo
No More Blinding Fog by WankingSkeever
Remove the little rocks by Griffin
Low Res Particles and Flora - LRPF by nirnhogg AKA slamm98
Subtle Cloak Spell Graphics by Jaxonz
Sunhallowed arrow effect lag fix by wyvern236
Beauty Of Fps Project by thelawfull
Shaders Begone - NoGlow by Duns_Inc
Icefloes BeGone by Boerakis
No Snowflakes in Sovngarde by Lyss

Tree Mesh Remover by URANIMATIX
Winterhold Delete Snow Patches by Argonite21
Unofficial Skyrim City Patch (USCP) by DDVIL